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Sean’s work log


2023-12-12 Tuesday

2023-12-11 Monday

2023-12-08 Friday

2023-12-07 Thursday

2023-12-06 Wednesday

2023-12-05 Tuesday

2023-12-04 Monday

2023-12-01 Friday

  • Insperity onboarding
  • Design meeting
  • 1:1 with Kriti
  • I9 form
  • Benefits enrollment

2023-11-23 - 2023-11-30


2023-11-22 Wednesday

(Very short day due to trip prep and lack of childcare)

  • Team meeting

2023-11-21 Tuesday

2023-11-20 Monday

(Slightly shorter day due to kid stuff)

2023-11-19 Sunday

(A small amount of work to offset expected gaps in the coming week)

2023-11-17 Friday

2023-11-16 Thursday

  • 1:1 with Brent
  • Give team a heads up about travel plans
  • Design meeting
  • 1:1 with Kriti
  • Propose changes to GitHub tickets workflow

2023-11-15 Wednesday

(Shorter day due to some health issues)

  • Some user comms work
  • Some work on GH ticket process, including a call with Kriti
  • Start work on DB Connection changes

2023-11-14 Tuesday

(Shorter day due to some kid issues)

2023-11-13 Monday

  • Some repo admin work
  • Review Ghislaine’s “Prioritized List of Usability Issues”
  • Spend some time researching and learning about Grist

2023-11-10 Friday

(Out for holiday)

2023-11-09 Thursday

2023-11-08 Wednesday

  • Review “Installation improvements 0.1.4” email thread
  • Some user feedback work
  • Team meeting + add notes to wiki
  • Small dead end rabbit hole trying to find a way to query my local Matrix Element in order to get data out of chats
  • Larger dead end rabbit hole trying to configure xremap to do some keyboard shortcut things for personal workflows
  • User call + prep + debrief + notes

2023-11-07 Tuesday

2023-11-06 Monday

2023-11-03 Friday

2023-11-02 Thursday

2023-11-01 Wednesday

  • Review DB Connections Home Page
  • Call with Brent about DB connections UI
  • Re-assign issues and PRs assigned to Rajat
  • Team meeting
  • User interview meeting
  • Some user outreach follow-up work
  • Unassign Dom, Mukesh, and Rajat from all tickets and PRs by manually reviewing each
  • Whittle down queue of all assigned tickets by closing, commenting, and unassigning people
  • Lots of clean up in GitHub issues
  • Open PR to remove mentions of mathesar-update-companion from the .github directory within the mathesar repo.
  • Open website PR Update core team
  • Document repo setup tasks in wiki page and add section on removing a repo.
  • Update wiki to document ongoing responsibilities post team-restructuring

2023-10-31 Tuesday

  • Finish updating “New DB connection” specs, and alert reviewers of changes
  • Review “workspaces” email from Pavish
  • Quick call with Pavish regarding user feedback
  • Quick call with Kriti regarding user feedback
  • 1:1 with Mukesh
  • Do some more user outreach via email and Matrix
  • Begin mapping out changes necessary to implement modified DB connections designs
  • Spend some time writing up tickets to flush out my local queue of tickets to write

2023-10-30 Monday

  • Enroll in new healthcare benefits
  • Call with Pavish to discuss DB connection UI
  • Brief call with Brent to discuss DB connection UI
  • Send email to team about release notes improvements
  • Send feedback email to Rajat
  • Begin adjusting “New DB Connection” specs to suit changes discussed with Pavish and Brent
  • Research and respond to “Deleting a Database Connection” thread

2023-10-27 Friday

  • Team event
  • Quick call with Pavish and Kriti to handle some user comms tasks
  • Call with Ghislaine to discuss DB connection UI
  • Review FidalMathew: Close RecordSelector on overlay click, including some troubleshooting and additional work in order to merge.

2023-10-26 Thursday

(Short day due to headache)

2023-10-25 Wednesday

2023-10-24 Tuesday

  • DB connections UI prototyping and design
  • Call with Brent about DB connections UI
  • Finish first draft of DB connection UI specs and send an email requesting that others review it.

2023-10-23 Monday

  • Some user outreach and CRM work
  • Quick 1/1 with Kriti
  • Some UX design, thinking, and prototype work for the DB connections UI

2023-10-20 Friday

(1/2 day due to household stuff and kids doctors appointment)

  • Call with Pavish about DB connections
  • Email discussion about Matrix problems
  • Send another batch of user outreach email messages
  • Set up as an email address that I can send from

2023-10-19 Thursday

(1/2 day in order to take a nap)

  • Call with Mukesh about DB connections and documentation
  • Some CRM updates from user communication

2023-10-18 Wednesday

(out due to sick kid)

2023-10-17 Tuesday

(1/2 day due to sick kid)

  • User feedback meeting with Pavish and Ghislaine
  • Sync with Brent regarding DB connections
  • Partially attend permissions UX meeting

2023-10-16 Monday

(1/2 day due to kid stuff)

2023-10-13 Friday

  • Call with Ghislaine about DB connection UI
  • Team event
  • Some continued thinking about DB connection architecture problems
  • Spend some time wrestling with Freshdesk, especially, trying to figure out how to reply to a user using markdown.
  • Discuss abandoning Freshdesk for the user outreach project
  • Some continued conversation with Serafeim Papastefanos over email (Logged)

2023-10-12 Thursday

  • 1 hr deep clean and re-organization of desk workspace
  • Database connection email discussion
  • Call with Kriti about database connections
  • Call with Mukesh about database connections
  • Send a small handful of user outreach emails

2023-10-11 Wednesday

  • Produce more PR age report metrics
  • Struggle with figuring out how to use Freshdesk to suit our needs for the user outreach. (I tried a bunch of things but couldn’t get Feshdesk to do exactly what we wanted.)
  • Some work reviewing Db connection UI

2023-10-10 Tuesday

  • Call with Ghislaine and Pavish about about user outreach and feedback
  • Call with Ghislaine, Pavish, and Kriti about user outreach and feedback
  • Review Ghislaine’s usability issues email and HackMD document
  • Call with Ghislaine about usability issues
  • Call with Mukesh about installation documentation questions
  • Update user outreach email template, removing “Amazon” and linking to calendar
  • Review SavvyCal functionality from user perspective

2023-10-09 Monday

  • Look into benefits questions from Kriti
  • Some repo analytics as follow-up thoughts to Repo management link posted by Kriti
  • Move Cannot import large csv tables out of release milestone, with comment pointing user towards other issues
  • Read Installation Improvements project and plan to become more familiar with it for the release
  • Read Release management docs
  • Cleanup some wiki docs content on release management and process

2023-10-06 Friday

  • DB connection UX meeting
  • Docs pairing session with Mukesh
  • Email “product vision follow-up thoughts”
  • Begin reviewing Db connection UI by

2023-10-05 Thursday

2023-10-04 Wednesday

  • Spend some time helping new devs in Matrix General
  • Spend some time conversing with new user on Reddit
  • 1/1 with Dom
  • More work getting the CRM up and running and preparing data for user outreach project

2023-10-03 Tuesday

  • User feedback meeting with Ghislaine and Pavish
  • 1/1 with Mukesh
  • Some release management work, communicating with people to ensure tasks are delegated and documented optimally
  • Lots of work getting data into the CRM
  • Respond to Reddit thread

2023-10-02 Monday

  • Open PR for first draft of user outreach email
  • Spend some time trying to figure out how to use Freshdesk
  • Spend some time skimming through Matrix to identify prospects for user outreach
  • Ping Dom about email thread regarding Anshuman’s GSoC project.
  • Repo work, cleaning up tickets and PRs in preparation for 0.1.4 release

2023-09-29 Friday

  • Send email about GitHub repository analytics
  • Team event
  • Comment within email thread about user feedback process
  • Prepare GitHub user outreach data

2023-09-28 Thursday

  • Finish categorizing users from our GitHub repo
  • 1/1 with Rajat
  • User feedback meeting
  • 1/1 with Kriti
  • Polish and publish github_to_duckdb code

2023-09-27 Wednesday

2023-09-26 Tuesday

2023-09-25 Monday

2023-09-22 Friday

(Out due to two sick kids)

2023-09-21 Thursday

(Partial day due to one sick kid)

2023-09-20 Wednesday

(Out due to two sick kids)

2023-09-19 Tuesday

(Partial day due to two sick kids)

  • 1/1 with Mukesh
  • Try removing all event listeners from cell-related components to see if it improves performance.
  • Troubleshooting running the front end in prod mode
  • Some smaller discussions

2023-09-18 Monday

(Partial day due to two sick kids)

2023-09-15 Friday

  • Attend community event
  • Some chat with community members in Matrix General
  • Some tinkering with baby steps towards building an internal Mathesar CRM instance
  • Briefly look into Handle API errors on schema page to help answer question from Rajat
  • Some continued work on JS table rendering performance research
  • Some continued work on CellSelection
  • Some smaller discussions

2023-09-14 Thursday

(Shorter due to headache)

  • Review Ghislaine’s niche research report
  • 1/1 with Ghislaine re: niche research project
  • Some continued work on JS table rendering performance research
  • Cleanup of some tickets

2023-09-13 Wednesday

(Out due to sick kid)

2023-09-12 Tuesday

(Half day due to sick kid)

  • Spend a little time profiling JS perf with table page rendering to get a rough sense of where our bottle necks are.
  • 1/1 with Mukesh
  • Survey work meeting
  • Wordsmith options for survey

2023-09-11 Monday

2023-09-08 Friday

2023-09-07 Thursday

  • A number of smaller team management tasks
  • 1/1 with Anish
  • 1/1 with Mukesh
  • Review copy in DB config UI, commenting in Figma, and starting a discussion on Matrix.
  • Finish and send critique of user survey
  • Some minor clean up in some tickets and PRs
  • Review docs changes in Remove db superuser requirement

2023-09-06 Wednesday

  • Catch up on emails
  • Some prep work for team meeting
  • Team meeting
  • 1/1 with Pavish
  • Re-review user survey and begin drafting response

2023-09-05 Tuesday

(Vacation day)

2023-09-04 Monday

(Out for US holiday)

2023-09-01 Friday

  • Team event
  • Discuss scheduling of niche research meeting with Pavish and Ghislaine
  • Push more commits to my Cell Selection refactor PR

2023-08-31 Thursday

2023-08-30 Wednesday

  • Respond to “Avoiding regressions” email thread
  • Respond to “Product level permissions to account for related entities” thread
  • 1/1 with Brent
  • Write script to identify stale work logs
  • Review “Quick User Check-in” survey, emailing critique
  • Clean up FE code standard PR, moving it to a draft PR on the main repo.

2023-08-29 Tuesday

(Shorter day due to some intermittent family demands throughout the day)

  • 1/1 with Mukesh
  • Work on Sheet selection refactor
  • 1/1 with Ghislaine
  • Some smaller conversations
  • Begin drafting response to “Avoiding regressions” thread

2023-08-28 Monday

  • Chat with Rajat about upcoming tasks
  • Review QA tickets opened by Brent, adding some comments
  • Work on Markdown style guide
  • Work on Sheet selection refactor

2023-08-25 Friday

2023-08-24 Thursday

2023-08-23 Wednesday

2023-08-22 Tuesday

2023-08-21 Monday

  • Troubleshoot some computer issues
  • Discussions

2023-08-18 Friday

(shorter day due to some kid stuff)

  • Update project page from previous cycle
  • Team meeting
  • Team event
  • Some smaller discussions

2023-08-17 Thursday

  • Catch up on several email and Matrix discussions
  • Some cleanup of GitHub tickets

2023-08-16 Wednesday

  • Call with Dom regarding priorities for cycle
  • Organize front-end cycle work into 2023-08 Front end work ticket
  • Respond to “Package version management” email thread
  • Respond to Brent’s “installing stuff” email thread

2023-08-15 Tuesday

(out sick)

2023-08-14 Monday

(out sick)

2023-08-11 Friday

2023-08-10 Thursday

  • Team meeting
  • Review [i18n] Save preferred_language for auth user in db
  • Write a response to Brent’s “Should we install things on the DB” notes (not sent yet, since Brent hasn’t begun the email thread).
  • Poke my head into some of the SQL work going on the backend to take a look at it, as it relates to Brent’s “Should we install things on the DB” thoughts

2023-08-09 Wednesday

2023-08-08 Tuesday

(Partial day due to sick kid)

2023-08-07 Monday

  • Call with Dom re troubleshooting API weirdness
  • Continue troubleshooting issues with weird errors. Try unsuccessfully to wipe out all my Docker state
  • 1/1 with Kriti
  • Bring optional inference PR out of draft state

2023-08-04 Friday

  • Team event
  • Some work on optional inference
  • Some smaller discussions

2023-08-03 Thursday

  • Some thinking about “niche” conversations and email thread
  • Call with Ghislaine about use cases
  • Some discussion about how to prioritize front end work this cycle
  • Resolve tricky git conflicts in my optional inference PR due to i18n work
  • Some work on optional inference

2023-08-02 Wednesday

(Another short day)

  • Some work on optional inference
  • Team meeting

2023-08-01 Tuesday

(Only able to work a couple hr due to failed kid nap)

  • Some work on optional inference

2023-07-31 Monday

(Half day)

2023-07-30 Sunday

(Some work during kids nap)

  • Matrix discussion with user about feature requests

2023-07-28 Friday

(half day)

2023-07-27 Thursday

2023-07-26 Wednesday

  • Continue work on optional inference
  • Team meeting
  • Some smaller discussions

2023-07-25 Tuesday

2023-07-24 Monday

2023-07-21 Friday

2023-07-20 Thursday

2023-07-19 Wednesday

2023-07-18 Tuesday

2023-07-17 Monday

2023-07-14 Friday

2023-07-13 Thursday

2023-07-12 Wednesday

2023-07-11 Tuesday

2023-07-10 Monday

2023-07-07 Friday

  • Team event
  • Catch up with some email discussions from the past week
  • Re-review Publicly Sharable Links spec
  • Begin mapping out some thoughts for the SheetSelection refactor RFC

2023-07-06 Thursday

  • Many meetings:
    • Front end team meeting
    • Core team meeting
    • List data types meeting
    • Installation planning meeting
    • 1/1 with Kriti
  • Some work organizing info for upcoming project
  • Some work planning Friday’s team event
  • Review/merge small community dev docs pr Fix typo error in