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Product management

Owner: Kriti
Helper: Pavish, Ghislaine, Sean

Maintenance tasks

  • Make product-level decisions that are blocking work.
  • Coordinate review of all user-facing design, code and documentation changes from a product perspective.
    • The owner should ensure that review happens, but does not have to perform every review themselves.
    • Ghislaine has volunteered to review design/frontend work.
    • Sean has volunteered to review copy/documentation work.
  • Be available to talk through product questions and decisions with other team members.

Higher-level tasks

  • User research.
  • Maintain the product strategy and roadmap.
  • Coordinate speccing out upcoming / new features.
    • Includes research and writing up.
    • Ensure the right team members are consulted during the process.
  • Review and improve product processes.
  • Ensure that the team is on the same page about the vision and goals for each feature and the product as a whole.