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Installation Documentation Improvements

Name: Improve Mathesar Installation documentation Status: In review


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Mukesh
Approver (project plan) Kriti Needs to approve project plan
Approver (project plan) Brent Needs to approve project plan
Contributor (requirements) Mukesh Creates GitHub issues
Contributor (documentation) Mukesh Creates Documentation
Contributor (documentation review first pass) Pavish, Marius (contractor) Reviews documentation and the docker-compose code changes
Contributor (documentation review second pass) Kriti Reviews documentation after Pavish and Marius have reviewed it
Contributor (Testing) Pavish, Contributors from Upwork(yet to be hired) Test out the instructions from the documentation and make sure they work
Contributor (Hiring) Kriti Hire contributors from Upwork to help with testing




  • There are unknowns with testing since we’re hiring external people, which might affect the timeline.
  • Issues uncovered during testing might affect the timeline.



This project should take 3 weeks for the features to be implemented, tested, reviewed and additionally 1 week for final testing, so 4 weeks in total. Testing will start happening in parallel as soon as a documentation gets completed.

Date Outcome
2023-04-11 Work starts, we start PRs which make changes to the code and then move to documentation.
2023-04-13 Review of the PRs starts in parallel
2023-04-17 Instructions(scenarios to test on like Non-root user, OS etc) for the Testing team will be created
2023-04-18 PR ready for all the issues in the meta issue #2789 except Allow users to install Mathesar without Docker (on Debian)
2023-04-18 Feedback + Testing(both done by the testing team) for documentation PRs starts in parallel. This ensures the documentation can be understood by different user segments(technical users, less technical users) and works with various scenarios
2023-04-21 PR for all issues in the meta issue #2789 should be in review state.
2023-04-28 All the PRs in #2789 are merged. #2789 will still be open in order to address any issues found during the Final testing done in the next step.
2023-04-28 Final Testing starts. The documentation would already been tested to a good extent at this point. The final testing ensures there is no change is needed(very minimal if any)
2023-05-05 Final Testing, review, addressing review complete