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September 2021 meeting notes


Please see 2021-09-28 weekly planning on GitHub Discussions.


Please see 2021-09-22 weekly planning on GitHub Discussions.


Please see 2021-09-15 weekly planning on GitHub Discussions.


Please see 2021-09-07 weekly planning on GitHub Discussions.


Meeting topic: “State of Mathesar”, part 2 - progress so far and next steps.
Attendees: Brent, Ghislaine, Kriti, Pavish

Please see the previous meeting’s notes below to get full context for this meeting.

Process Retrospective

Product definition

Current process: Kriti making tickets

  • Lots of tickets, huge volume
  • Can’t hash out the details ahead of time
    • e.g. money type ticket had potentially forseeable issues, but only with serious time investment
    • Missing details
    • Interdependencies
  • Not enough frontend tickets
    • Tickets are for entire features
    • More frontend tickets will be created after milestone 5
  • It’s probably not worth the time to look through all tickets in detail ahead of time.
    • We need a different process for re-making a ticket once we start working on it and realize the issues with it.
    • We can’t spend an hour per ticket ahead of time, too many tickets.
  • Design tickets have the same issue with missing details and interdependencies, but it’s assumed at the design-level tickets
  • Issues open for community contributors (e.g. marked help wanted) need to be fully detailed.
New Process
  • Kriti will continue making tickets
  • Hash out problems with Kriti as soon as they show up when you’re implementing it.
    • Ad hoc calls or back and forth on the ticket.
  • Set up a new column in the Active project to put blocked tickets in, that way async communication can also happen and people can move on to other tickets.

Design work

  • We’re focusing on designing features, not about how to guide non-technical users through the designs.
    • Do we need to complete the features first before guiding the users first?
      • We can’t guide users until the product is fully finished.
      • Some decisions need to be made with that in mind.
    • Two stage process:
      • Test with users and make improvements before release
      • Continue to make imporvements after release.
  • Once we have all the pieces implemented, we can think through user scenarios and we’ll be thinking about things as a “user flow” rather than a feature.
    • e.g. user may not “create a view”, they’ll end up with a view
    • The good thing is that we’re not doing anything too abstract right now, we do need to consider user flow when creating abstract things.
  • By the time we ship alpha or beta, we should have one global prototype.
    • UI revamp will affect them.

Design review and collaboration

  • Better notifications for design review deadlines
    • Review cycle has been shortened to 2 days for all designs
      • This is to match PR review cycles
  • Maybe use wiki repo PRs for design reviews?
    • Not accessible to the community, not a good option
  • The team can manage notifications better by using the GitHub notification inbox
  • Ghislaine will post in standups that she’s blocked a day ahead of time
  • GitHub discussion title - use [Draft], [In Progress], [Complete] - or use labels
  • The usual review process works well, Ghislaine and Pavish can do ad-hoc calls if needed.
  • Pretty good feedback overall
  • Mention things that are good about the design
    • Knowing what is good/intuitive is helpful to the design process
    • UX is something you often notice only when it’s missing / pissing you off
  • Currently not catching “global” flows (i.e., creating a table vs. view might confuse in combination)

Frontend development

  • Need to flesh out frontend tickets
    • APIs and design changes needed for the ticket
  • Having parallel file imports took a week, we probably didn’t need it.
    • Figure issues out ahead of time
  • When starting a milestone, figure out everything for all the issues in that milestone and get it sorted before started on the milestone
    • After milestone 5, we have everything we need for milestone 5 (current milestone)
  • Sync design with frontend
    • Staging needs to be up, hopefully next week

Backend development

  • How to take a better approach to iteration?
    • Previous discussion about product planning process covers this.
    • e.g. money type - currently, inference will be fairly naive. we can pull some parts out of current tickets because cost/benefit is not worth it.
  • Documentation of the API is a shambles
    • Wiki vs. navigatable API
    • Separate tickets to update the docs so that it doesn’t slip through the cracks
  • Refactoring (ongoing) will be helpful
    • Weird global variables like engines and connections to deal with

Frontend & backend collaboration

  • For all new frontend tickets, the APIs that are involved should be documented
    • (already discussed)
  • API PRs that involve new formats or make changes (e.g. Colin’s recent PR), tag Pavish for review
  • Eventually: contract testing APIs might be useful for async collaboration
    • not right now
  • Mentioned previously: frontend should look at APIs before starting a new milestone

Work planning

  • This involves:
    • Standups
    • GitHub workflow (labels, milestones, projects, etc.)
    • Weekly planning
  • Discussion:
    • Working well
    • More back and forth on standups?
      • Do we need to repeat what’s in GitHub on standups?
      • Maybe it should be more focused on blockers
    • Status report type standups may also be useful for community
      • Useful for Kriti to see work that’s not been prioritized
  • New standup format:
    • Completed (since last standup)
    • Active (actively worked on, not everything in queue)
    • Dependencies
  • Issue triage wiki page
  • Weekly planning format and GitHub workflow is working very well


  • Written communication
    • Check messages frequently
    • for long-form, make sure to think through things before replying
    • Explore if templates exist for discussions
      • maybe templates for wiki pages would also be useful
    • Respond/acknowledge with words instead of emojis so people get notified
    • Try to over-communicate
  • Ad-hoc calls
    • :+1:


  • Going well after first round interviews were divided between Kriti and Pavish
    • Continue to not put first round interviews on a single person
  • Should we continue to have contribution task?
    • High rate of candidate drop out due to effort
    • Ensure all candidates have tasks with the same effort
    • Maybe say that whatever they do in a given time frame is fine, even if it’s not complete
  • Go back to previous process where we give all candidates their own repo and the same task.
  • It is worth seeing how well they work with us because a bad hire would be very bad for us at this stage.
  • Get backend engineer job up soon.

Community management

  • Some sort of mailing list or way of notifying people about designs, issues you need help with.
  • Label for community input - for discussions and issues
  • Can’t spend a lot of active time on growing the community right now until alpha release comes out.
    • Automated script for community-friendly issues to create a mailing list
  • Eventually monthly community meetings or something like that

Team events

  • Great, period between it is fine
  • Take turns organizing

Deadline Review

  • Review of current roadmap and update deadlines as needed.
    • Undo/Redo
      • High cost, high benefit
      • would be good to have design aspects decided early
  • Deadlines currently left unchanged since it’s hard to anticipate how much time we’ll need in advance
  • We can’t move many deadlines without cutting things, so we’ll need to figure out what to cut in a month or so if we move out too many deadlines

Action Items

  • Everyone:
    • use new standup format
      • Completed, Active, Dependencies
    • post what you like about designs during design review
    • create new tickets for documentation updates that are needed so that they don’t fall through the cracks
    • talk to Kriti ASAP if the ticket you’re working on needs scope modified or design clarified.
    • use words instead of emoji reactions to acknowledge
  • Brent:
    • think about team event
    • make sure to ask Pavish to review backend tickets with API changes
  • Ghislaine:
    • use labels to mark status of GitHub Discussions for design review
    • post design review reminders 1 day before deadline in standup
    • set up a template or checklist for posting review requests
  • Kriti:
    • add new column to Active project
    • set up community mailing list or some other form of updates (with automation if possible)
    • follow up on setting up staging server
    • update hiring process for next hire to use standardized task
    • post backend job
  • Pavish:
    • review frontend tickets and related APIs before starting new milestones
    • update frontend tickets with API and design changes needed before starting new milestones


Meeting topic: “State of Mathesar”, part 1 - progress so far and next steps.
Attendees: Brent, Ghislaine, Kriti, Pavish


  • We’ve been focusing mainly on day-to-day work for a while now.
  • This meeting’s goal is to take some time to look at the bigger picture.

State of Mathesar

Where we are

  • The entire team has been working together for about 2.5 months
  • 6 milestones (4 feature milestones) and 200+ issues closed
  • Until Monday, we had 20 more feature milestones to go.
  • It would be untenable to complete those in 3 months, even with more team members.
  • This was anticipated, our roadmap was fairly ambitious.
  • Now we have 13 more to go, with the timeline extended to December.

Our goals

  • Our timeline has not changed, ship an alpha version of Mathesar in 2021.
  • Timeline can be extended from November to December, but we can’t go longer than that.
  • We only have funding (currently) through the end of 2022, it’s essential that we have as much time as possible to find Mathesar some users.
  • Our product goal is to show the value proposition of Mathesar in our alpha release.

Getting to our goals

Steps for getting to our goal (and agenda for this meeting):

  • Make sure we’re on the same page about the vision for Mathesar
  • Organize our planned features into:
  • Essential for alpha (alpha: release to a few specific users)
  • Essential for the beta, but not alpha (beta: release to the public)
  • Nice to have for the alpha or beta
  • Talk through our process and come up with potential improvements to increase speed (without sacrificing quality).
  • A secondary goal is to increase community-friendliness.
  • Ensure our milestones and associated deadlines make sense.

Vision for Mathesar

Also doubles as the value proposition for Mathesar.

  • Self-hosted
  • Works with existing DBs
  • Modular (db vs. API vs. client)
  • Encourages exploration
  • Works for non-technical users
  • Works for technical users

See also: Product Principles

  • Are we sticking to these well? Any feedback?
    • We’re all in agreement about the vision and product principles

Planned Features

  • Should we have features between alpha and beta or should beta just be focused on stabilizing the features in the alpha release.
    • Alpha doesn’t include viz yet, but having those for beta might be valuable enough
      • maybe also plugins
    • When do we want to do beta release
      • March 2021
      • Will that be enough time to build in features?
        • Maybe plugins and viz aren’t too intensive?
        • We’ll also have a bigger team
      • We need time for public launch related tasks, e.g. branding, documentation
  • Kriti will make updates to milestones based on categorization below


  • Editable Tables
  • Working with Tables
  • Initial Data Types
  • Working with Views
  • Data Modeling
  • Multiple Database Support
  • User Management
  • Computed Data
  • Summarized Data
  • Undo and Redo (DML)
  • Bulk Operations on Records
  • Better Editing Experience
    • (new milestone)
    • Form based editing for records
  • Sharing
    • (new milestone)
    • Sharing forms for people to enter data
    • Sharing views publicly
  • Deployment
  • Improvements for Non-Technical Users
  • (new milestone)
  • Will need usability testing with real users
  • Will benefit from co-design from users
  • Alpha Release
  • Documentation
  • Dedicated website
  • Branding
  • Target users currently using spreadsheets, Airtable, database GUI
    • Try to find problems users solve using those tools and explain how Mathesar can solve them.
    • Our user experience is not as simple as Airtable in some ways, might be jarring.
    • Focus on benefits from data integrity improvements (e.g. in COVID data)


  • API v1
  • Undo and Redo (DDL)
    • (new milestone)
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Graph Visualizations
  • Beta Release
    • (new milestone)


  • Calendar Visualization
  • Kanban Visualization
  • Data Export
    • We’ll need an asynchronous layer to make this work well
  • Search (product-wide)
    • We have filters
    • We need to start adding indices etc., will be complicated
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Spreadsheet-like Editing