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Construct Dependency Graph for Database Objects

The Problem

We’d like to be able to know what other database objects depend on a database object like a Schema or a Table.

This is useful in various situations

  • To show to the user in the frontend before they decide to delete a Schema or a Table.
  • To show how a View was constructed
  • To get a high level overview of the Data Model


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Primary Skills needed: PostgreSQL, Python, Pytest, Django
  • Secondary skills needed (or willing to learn): UX design, Front End Development Knowledge
  • Length: Long (~350 hours)


  • Build a python API(function in db module) to query for a database object dependency.
  • Extract dependency information from System Catalog tables for the queried object
  • System Catalog Tables does not contain the dependency information of a function as functions are stored as text on the database. So pglast should be used to extract dependency information from the function body.
  • Build Dependency graph based on the dependency information.
  • Add Django dependency API to resources listed in this issue, making use of the underlying python dependency API

Bonus Tasks

  • Integrate it into the UI to support features as needed

Expected Outcome

There should an appropriate python api backed by SQL functions which would take in the oid or name of the database object whose dependency graph has to be constructed along with some filtering parameters to limit the listed dependent objects and return a hierarchical dependency graph which contains information of the dependent object. The dependency query varies based on the type of the database object, so the queries for each type should be split into composable CTE for readability.

Application Tips

A good candidate would be someone who has good understanding of SQL, and align themselves with the goals of Mathesar. They should be willing to do a fair amount of research both in terms of UX and engineering. They will be working full-stack and would either know or be motivated to learn the necessary technologies in order to complete the project.



  • Primary Mentor: Mukesh Murali
  • Backup Mentor: Brent Moran

See our Team Members page for Matrix and GitHub handles of mentors.