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Mathesar on Matrix

For realtime chat, we use Matrix (similar to Slack, Discord, Mattermost, Zulip, etc).


  1. To start, join our “General” Matrix channel.
    • When prompted to “Choose an app to continue”, select “Element”.
    • If you’re new to Matrix, you’ll need to create an account. If you already have a Matrix account, you can use it here, even if that account is hosted on a different Matrix homeserver.
  2. If you want to use a desktop or mobile app, we recommend installing Element. There are other clients too.
  3. The “General” channel that you’ve just joined is for high-level discussion and announcements about the project. Most of our day to day discussion happens in other channels. Look through the list of rooms below and join the ones for topics you’re interested.


Note: If you’re a GSoC aspirant, join our “Mathesar - Mentoring Programs” Matrix channel and introduce yourself there instead of in the “General” channel.

Chat rooms

A list of Mathesar related chat rooms is below. You’ll need to individually join whichever chat rooms interest you. Click the link under “Address” to join the room, follow the same instructions as above.

You may also want to join our Matrix Space to keep Mathesar related chats organized. If you don’t know what a Matrix Space is, here’s an overview.

General discussion

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - General High-level discussion and announcements about Mathesar.
Mathesar - Users Discussion for Mathesar users (as opposed to Mathesar developers/contributors).
Mathesar - Off Topic Discussion about random topics, not necessarily related to Mathesar.


These channels focus on day-to-day engineering work.

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - Code Technical or code-related discussion.
Mathesar - Backend Discussions related to backend code specifically
Mathesar - Frontend Discussions related to frontend code specifically
Mathesar - Code Review Requests for code review. See Code Review Guidelines
Mathesar - Infrastructure Discussions related to Mathesar installation, setup and other infrastructure
Mathesar - i18n Discussions related to Mathesar imternationalization

Design & Product

These channels focus on day-to-day design and product work.

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - Design Design-related discussion.
Mathesar - Product Product-related discussion.
Mathesar - Design Review Requests for design review. See Design Review Guidelines
Mathesar - Documentation Discussion about our documentation


These channels focus on specific projects.

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - Data Modeling Discussions related to data modeling projects


These channels focus on community building activities.

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - Marketing Discussions related to promoting Mathesar
Mathesar - Mentoring Programs Discussions related to mentoring programs such as GSoC
Mathesar - Code for Japan Bridge to the #proj-mathesar channel on the Code for Japan Slack

Maintainers workflow

These channels assist the Mathesar maintainers in our workflow.

Name Address Purpose
Mathesar - Internal Used for conversations about day-to-day work.
Mathesar - Standup The Mathesar team’s daily standup.
Mathesar - Wiki Review Requests for wiki page review and associated discussion.
Mathesar - GitHub Updates Automated notifications of new GitHub activity.
Mathesar - Wiki Updates Automated notifications of new GitHub activity ONLY on the wiki repo.