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Communication Tips

The Mathesar team works remotely and asynchronously across many different timezones. Here are some things that we’ve discovered for communicating well in this environment, in no particular order:

  • Be as thorough as you can while writing messages. You may not be available to answer follow up questions when the person you’re talking to is next around.
  • Use GitHub Discussions for any messages that require some thought. Chat incentivizes quick responses.
  • Be proactive about seeking feedback about your ideas.
  • Be proactive about asking for quick 1:1 or small group calls to work through complex ideas.
  • Summarize conclusions and rationale from any discussions you have on a call in the relevant discussion or issue.
  • Emojis responses are fine but also respond using words to messages. Emojis don’t generate notifications on Matrix or GitHub, so people may not see your acknowledgement of messages.