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Managing GitHub Issues

Assigning issues

Issues should only be assigned to core and community team members who have committed to completing the issue.

If an outside contributor wants to work on the issue, they should still comment on it to indicate interest, but there’s no need to assign it to them.

If you are assigning an issue:

  1. Ensure that the issue has sufficient detail and can be worked on. If not, update the issue so that it does.
  2. Assign the issue to the desired person.
  3. Remove the existing status: ready label and change the label to status: started. This will automatically update the “Status” in the project as well, you do not need to do this manually.

Issue Triage

Triaging an issue means setting all the appropriate fields on it.


  • Everyone creating issues should do their best to triage them at creation time.
  • Team members who work on the repo admin responsibility should catch issues opened by non-team members or were not properly triaged during creation.

How to triage one issue

  1. Set required labels

    Prefix Required count Notes
    work: 1+ All work: design issues should also be marked restricted: design team because only the design team can currently work on those.
    type: 1
    status: 1 Should not be status: triage
  2. Set optional labels

    Scan through the full labels list and apply other labels as necessary. Learn more about the meaning of all our labels.

  3. Verify Project and fields

    Set the Project to “Mathesar”.

    Within the project, ensure that the status, priority, and work fields are set. Set the feature field to the appropriate feature.

    If you don’t know what feature to put something in, talk to Kriti.

  4. Set milestone

    If an issue is directly associated with a milestone, put it in the milestone. Otherwise, put it in the “Backlog” milestone.

    If you don’t know what milestone to put something in, talk to Kriti.

    Do not create any new milestones.

Notes on Labels and Milestones

The list of available labels and milestones should only be changed in the mathesar repo. They are synced every day to the other repos related to the project using this GitHub action.