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Team Events

The Mathesar maintainer team has a virtual team event around every two weeks to have some fun and get to know each other better. Alternate events are open to the community. Team members take turns organizing events on a volunteer basis.

Previous events have included:

  • Watching a movie together using Syncplay.
  • Playing GeoGuessr both collaboratively and competitively.
  • Playing trivia competitively (in teams) on Sporcle.
  • Playing an online escape room together.
  • Playing an online drawing/guessing game on skribbl.
  • A murder mystery roleplay event.
  • Lightning Talks
  • Playing CodeNames
  • Playing charades (with a movie theme)
  • Playing an online version of Fishbowl, a guessing game.
  • Playing just one!
  • Playing
  • Playing Quack Stanley

We’re particularly interested in events that help us get to know each other better. Also, we’re always open to doing activities we’ve done before.

Online games to consider for future events