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2024-04-03 staff meeting notes

0.1.6 release retrospective

What went well?

  • Kriti:
    • Release out on time!
    • People seemed less stressed.
  • Pavish:
    • Release went smoothly and it didn’t feel like an event we all were involved deeply in (this is good!).
  • Ghislaine:
    • Planning seems to be working. We are making iterative improvements after each release.
  • Brent
    • Seemed to take less mindshare than normal

What could’ve gone better?

  • Kriti:
    • Release took until the end of the month, not much time to do more work until we cut the April release.
  • Pavish:
    • QA tasks could have been planned and assigned ahead of time.
  • Ghislaine:
    • I was confused by the initial QA assignments. I also don’t have much experience triaging new bugs, not clear how to assign milestones / decide if they should be prioritized etc.
  • Anish:
    • Release could’ve gone smoother if I clearly knew what should go in the QA plan and release notes. Which has now been documented by Sean for upcoming releases.

Shout outs

  • Kriti:
    • Anish for owning the release, communicating progress, and ensuring it got out.
    • Pavish for helping Anish.
    • Pavish for Japanese UI translations - long time in the making.
    • Brent for taking the initiative on Python/Postgres version support and Anish for doing the work.
    • Sean & Ghislaine for usability analysis and long text field work.
  • Pavish:
    • Anish for doing a splendid job as the release owner.
  • Ghislaine:
    • Anish did a great job as first-time release owner.
    • Sean for thorough QA and testing the Japanese translation.
  • Anish:
    • Pavish & Kriti for guiding me through the release process.
    • Sean for smoothing out our release processes.
    • Everyone for cooperating with me.


  • Kriti:
    • Aim to ship release quickly after it’s cut, hopefully that week.
  • Brent: Don’t use internal for QA, deployments get inconsistent
  • Pavish: QA should be handled by only 2 people per release (for minor releases). One of them should be the release owner.

Action items

  • Plan a focused meeting around QA (assigned to Ghislaine)
    • Figure out how installation and upgrade testing should work
      • Minimal fuss, easy cloud deployments, plan for testing should balance thorough testing from user standpoint with minimal work on our end
    • Figure out who’s doing the prescriptive / tailored user QA
      • We need a previous release deployed to check for regressions
    • Who’s doing the infra work
    • Aim to reduce number of people in QA process
    • Document QA process better
    • Should we do tailored QA mid-cycle before the release is cut?
    • Check QA plan basecamp task after the meeting
  • Get Demo working reliably before the ChennaiFOSS conference

0.1.7 planning

Pre-meeting notes

  • Pavish:
    • I don’t think we should release when a month has no PRs merged. We should also determine if merged PRs are worth making a release for.


  • Release owner: Ghislaine
  • Release cut date: Apr 15
  • Closing out 0.1.6
    • Debug images for 0.1.6?
      • Brent will do this today
    • Documentation task is moved to 0.1.7
  • General question: are we okay with a month that has zero PRs merged?
    • Are we okay skipping months?
    • Yes, if there’s no work, there’s no use making a release.
    • But make sure to have a retro every month to evaluate why we didn’t have PRs.
  • Should we do monthly releases given that beta is top priority?
    • Yes, help us establish release cadence
      • Builds trust for users to know changes come frequently
      • Release best practices figured out before beta, we’ll need to release quickly in response to user feedback
    • Lowers QA effort per-release
    • Help us process-ize release
    • Better CI setup and regular / mid-cycle QA will also help
  • What should go in this release?
    • What’s blocking beta work on backend refactor and permissions?
    • 0.1.7 work to consider
      • Backend refactor
      • Basecamp project tasks:
      • GitHub milestone:
      • Record page changes:
      • Markdown editor:
      • Cell selection
      • Get Demo working properly
      • Try to get installation / upgrade outsourced
  • Figure out how to unify tracking “current priorities” vs. “definitely in this release”

Final list for release

  • Cell selection - touches a lot of frontend code, lets get this merged
  • Backend refactor
    • Get initial RPC endpoint + frontend work merged