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Team management

Owner: Kriti
Helper: Sean

Maintenance tasks

Kriti does most of these.

  • Hold 1:1 meetings with all team members ensuring everyone is productive, happy, and accountable.
    • 1:1 agendas are not set primarily by the manager, it’s a space for team members to discuss or communicate whatever they would like to.
    • Non-work related conversation is also fine.
  • Review people’s work logs and try to preempt future problems or blockers with high-priority tasks.
  • Keep track of progress in active projects and help move them along as needed.
    • Weekly project updates help with this.
    • Help could involve coordination between team members, co-working sessions on a particular problem, facilitating a decision, or whatever else is needed.
  • Schedule and facilitate core team weekly meetings.
    • Cancel 1 day in advance if no agenda items are present.
  • Schedule team/community events and make sure they have hosts

Higher-level tasks

Kriti works on these.

  • Goal-setting for team and project
  • Facilitating project planning
  • Hiring, onboarding, compensation & benefits
  • Training & career/skill development
  • Reviewing and improving existing processes