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2023-03-02 launch check-in

Publicity Plan

  • Draft document (not publicly accessible)
  • Decide what we’re posting when.
    • HN & CCI blog later
    • Rest TBD
  • Decide how we’re going to handle responding.
    • Coordinate on Matrix Marketing channel if we’re responding
    • Tag people if you don’t know the answer

Demo server plan

  • Load balancer not sorted out
    • Session stickiness doesn’t work, user is switched to a new server when CPU limit is hit.
  • Upgrade Postgres on demo server and use session timeout
    • Postgres 14 needed
  • Brent will double check that demo server is in a good state now
  • No more load testing on the demo server - treat as production now
    • Use for testing if needed
  • Mukesh will coordinate meeting for next steps
    • Dom, Pavish, Mukesh, Brent (optional, interested)
    • Discuss Postgres 14 / pgbouncer / vertical scaling of Postgres DB
      • OIDs may not work with pgbounder
    • Outcome: come up with a plan, present to Kriti for sign off

Work Plan & Process

  • What should we be working on for the next few days?
  • How will we track work and priorities in GitHub?


  • Demo mode improvements
  • Community
    • Community PR review
    • GSoC project idea review
  • Upgrades
    • Figuring out upgrading docker-compose.yml and .env files
    • If auto-upgrade is not possible (for these two files), we should show that in the UI and ask user to manually upgrade
    • Make upgrade work with new database types etc.
  • Documentation
    • Improve installation documentation
    • Documentation for getting library data
    • Get docs out of codebase and into MkDocs
    • Demo mode documentation
    • Frontend & backend codebase structure
  • Installation
    • Make Mathesar work with localhost DBs
      • Document edge cases and names
    • Figure out installation without Docker
    • Figure out some “one click/command deployment”
    • Figuring out installing a specific version
  • Release process automation
  • Users & Permissions - make frontend / backend consistent
  • GitHub process
    • Release based milestones
    • 0.1.1 milestone for now
    • Use weekly iterations

Further planning

What do we need to figure out now that we’ve launched? We won’t talk about these now, but it would be good to get a list of things we need to talk about next week.

  • Launch retrospective
  • Permanent Git workflow
  • Process for building new features

Release process improvement idea

  • Added by: Brent
  • Summary: Given the current release debacle, I think we should have a testing of the release strategy.
  • Expected time: 10-20 minutes

This was deferred until later discussion. We’ll discuss when we have a launch retrospective.