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Handling regressions in 0.1.1

2023-03-20 Handling regressions in 0.1.1

Meeting attendees: Pavish, Sean, Rajat

Brainstorm: Best strategy to revert the column_reorder changes

  • If there aren’t merge conflicts, we’ll try to revert entirely
  • If there are, we can comment it out
  • When picking the feature, we’ll open a new PR
  • Sean will be commenting on the contributor’s PR mentioning why we had to revert. We’ll also ask them if they’re interested in continuing it.

Brainstorm: Best strategy to review full changesets for releases

  • All of us will look at the full changeset (PR) and comment if we notice any red flags or have questions

Brainstorm: Frontend testing strategy - E2E tests

  • We’re scratching everything clean and starting from point zero
  • We’ll rethink the entire testing strategy from the beginning
    • Do we need E2E test or do we come up with integ tests?
    • Do we rely on the backend or mock the APIs?
    • Since our routing and common data logic is shared between python and JS, what’s the best way to run frontend tests?
    • If we do decided on E2E, do we go with playwright and have manual tests or use a tool like Cypress to make things easier for us?
  • We’ll think on this individually and have another call before 0.1.2
    • It won’t be possible to introduce a new testing strategy by then, but we can still decide on what it needs to be

Brainstorm: Release process updates to prevent issues like these

  • Staging should on develop (check if it is)
  • A buffer period makes sense, but only if we’re dog-fooding Mathesar more
    • The core team should be using Mathesar for something (the develop branch)
  • Smoke tests should be improved. We’ll think of testing User flows instead of the ‘do-whatever-and-try-to-break’ strategy. Eg., We can test with the user flow that we used for the demo video.
  • Each PR should include information on the features it touches. This will help reviwers and during releases, when we do manual smoke tests.
  • We’ll continue to think on this and coming up with ideas