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Product Principles


See also Design Principles


These principles apply to what Mathesar is.

  • Mathesar should be able to work as a frontend to existing databases without altering data, even if not all features are available.
  • Mathesar is built in a modular way, so that:
    • Our database helper library should be able to be used independently of using Mathesar.
  • Mathesar’s backend should support building custom frontend/mobile clients. All actions should be available via API, and should be well documented.
  • Mathesar should support plugins for custom data types, views, data manipulations, etc.
  • Mathesar’s frontend should have an intuitive, user-friendly, and delightful user interface
  • Our aim is to make users feel empowered to explore, make mistakes, and recover from them.
  • Mathesar is for both non-technical and technical users.
  • We favor convention over configuration (sensible defaults).
  • Users do not need to know anything about database concepts to use Mathesar, but we do not hide them either.
  • We aim to actively guide non-technical users into using Mathesar (and databases in general) optimally.
  • We aim to create a standard PostgreSQL database that technical users can use with other PostgreSQL tooling.


These principles apply to how we build Mathesar.

  • Documentation is meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive.
  • Our aim is to write down what we need to make things easier for ourselves.
  • Avoid rabbit holes (defining/planning out too far into the future), keep focus on getting a product out.
  • Iterate, don’t try to get things perfect.
  • We are trying to make something that we can put in front of users quickly.
  • We might have to change or throw away stuff later, that is absolutely fine.
  • Keep implementation simple.
  • Try to minimize assumptions about users, we cannot know what users want ahead of time.
  • Given two options, if both rely on assumptions about users, choose the one that’s simpler to implement.