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Mathesar T-shirt Project

Status: Complete Theme: Team engagement


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Ghislaine
Approver (design) Kriti Needs to approve T-shirt designs
Design Ghislaine Creates T-shirt designs
Vendor Research Ghislaine Researches vendors
Size & Address Collection Ghislaine Collects team member T-shirt sizes and addresses
Order & Delivery Kriti Places the order


The Mathesar team wants to create T-shirts for team members and potentially other recipients as a way to enhance team happiness and promote the project.


  • Create T-shirt designs and get approval.
  • Research at least three T-shirt vendors and gather approximate costs.
  • Collect T-shirt sizes and current addresses from all team members and other recipients.
  • Choose the best vendor based on quality, cost, and delivery options.
  • Place the T-shirt order, including delivery information, and coordinate delivery to all recipients.


This project should take 5 days.

Date Outcome
2023-04-17 Work starts
2023-04-18 T-shirt designs complete and submitted for approval
2023-04-19 T-shirt designs approved
2023-04-20 Vendor research complete and decision made
2023-04-21 T-shirt sizes and addresses collected from team members and other recipients
2023-04-24 T-shirts ordered and shipping coordinated
2023-04-24 T-shirts delivered to recipients