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2023-07 backend fixes

Name: 2023-07 backend fixes Status: In progress Review status: Approved


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Dom
Contributor (backend review) Mukesh Reviews backend code


Time for some fixes!

Kriti compiled a list of minor backend issues in order of importance:

I also created this issue to compliment the one for implementing citext, since the originating bug report reported both of these types being unsupported and that blocking the reporter’s use case: Add support for point column type #3007.

Kriti later added two issues to the list, saying they’re high-priority:


Will start with block-prone issues. If or when I am blocked on any of these issues, I will work on the block-proof issues. Once block-prone issues are resolved, I will work on the remaining block-proof issues. If I were to do it the other way around, I’d risk being blocked with nothing to do.

Block-prone issues

Issues that likely need coordination with others.

I expect each of these to take roughly 3 days to complete.

Note on progress tracking

This document is not meant to track progress or updates to the plan. See the meta issue for that.

Block-proof issues

Issues that likely do not need coordination with others.

I expect each of these to take roughly 1 day to complete.

Time budgeting and progress estimation

I included rough estimates of how much time each issue should take. That will be usable as a guide on whether I’m on track.

The project budget is 20 days (4 weeks). Current estimate of total time required to submit PRs for above issues is 17 days (4 block-prone issues 3 days each, plus 5 block-proof issues 1 day each). 3 days buffer time.


  • Finishing the tasks too early
    • The prefered risk, since I can then pick up additional work
  • Not finishing the tasks in time
    • The worse risk, since not finishing in time will either leave work unfinished or interfere with the break period (and/or next cycle)



This project should take 4 weeks.

Date Outcome
2023-07-10 Work starts
2023-07-21 Half-way mark (50% of work should be done)
2023-08-02 Buffer time starts
2023-08-07 Work ends


See the last post in the project update email thread.