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Gathering User Feedback

Status: Not started – we will be incorporating this work into future projects. Theme: User Engagement and Feedback


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Ghislaine
Approver (project plan) Kriti Needs to approve project plan


The Need for User Feedback

We need to gather user feedback to understand how to enhance the project and increase its usefulness for both current and potential users. By obtaining insights into desired features and improvements, we can better tailor the project to user needs and expectations.

Current State of Feedback Collection Methods

Currently, our feedback collection process is limited and unstructured. We primarily rely on GitHub issues and sporadic social media interactions during our public launch. This approach does not allow for comprehensive feedback, nor does it enable us to effectively communicate updates and improvements back to our users.


  • Define user touchpoints: website visitors and form respondents, repository collaborators, financial backers, installation inquiries, social media engagers.
  • For each touchpoint, identify the best way to gather and encourage feedback. For example, for website visitors, we can add a feedback form or survey.
  • Distribute the survey through identified touchpoints.
  • Publish the survey on the website.
  • Send the survey to mailing lists.
  • Develop a changelog where updates, improvements, and new features are documented and accessible to users.
  • Find the best way to communicate these updates to users.
  • Leverage community events to gather feedback.
  • Set up office hours.
  • Communicate office hours availability through various channels like social media, mailing lists, and the website.
  • Offer incentives to users for providing feedback.
  • Provide swag or public recognition.
  • Thank them in the newsletter or similar channels.
  • Finalize and implement the welcome email.
  • Review and revise Myra’s draft.
  • Set up an automated email system.
  • Create and distribute a newsletter.
  • Decide on a frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly)
  • Plan content
  • Plan distribution
  • Prioritize shareable features that can provide a public exposure for the project.
  • Shared tables or views, any feature that can expose the project to a wider audience.


Improved understanding of user-driven requirements and expectations for the project. This understanding will materialize through:

  • Direct feedback from users regarding needs and issues.
  • Identification of user pain points and their frequency.
  • Prioritization of features and improvements based on input from users.


  • Issues:
  • Wiki pages:


This project should take 4 weeks.

Date Outcome
2023-05-12 User touchpoints feedback channels defined
2023-05-24 Feedback channels implemented on each touchpoint
2023-05-29 Welcome email implemented
2023-06-07 1st Newsletter distributed