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Backend meeting 2023-03-13

Date: 2023-03-13 Attendees: Anish, Brent, Dominkyas, Mukesh, Sean

  • Brent - Having gone back and forth between oids and names, it looks like solving this issue or figuring our the solution won’t be a easy and quick task. So we should be okay with having a data structure as mentioned by Dom in his email
  • Dom - When will the tuple be converted.
  • Brent - Have converter function that converts oid/names -> data structure. Will be useful in case we want to
  • Sean - Moving to names will be heavier lift.
  • From product perspective, we should be open for concurrent operations(realtime collaboration) . So we can’t use names
  • It would be better if we can have one datastructure throughout the frontend till the database functions. But having the conversion on the database might be a pain.
  • Having a datastructure doesn’t seem to give a proper value add
  • It also needs a conversion on the database, similar to using oid and have postgres functions convert it but more painful as it needs a frontend changes too.
  • Move possible python functions to Postgres functions
  • We are learning the features to implement based user feedback. So the solution should be flexible.

Action Items

  • Figure out the functions that can be moved to postgres and write issues - Anish & Brent
  • Figure out how we want to write SQL in python - Mukesh
  • Figure out how to introduce oid, names, attnum data structure - Brent
  • Kicking holes in issues and ideas: Figuring out the pros/cons of these things. - Dom