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Dynamic Defaults Proto-Spec


We are considering implementing Dynamic Defaults as it increases the usability of adding new records.

For the purposes of the demo we need the following defaults

  • Current date and time
    • NOW()
  • Current date and time + a specific duration (e.g. 14 days)
    • NOW() + '2 weeks'::INTERVAL

The dynamic default options will depend on the field’s data type.

We should consider implementing dynamic defaults using the same formulas that we plan to implement in the future

Proposed User Flow

  • User selects a column
  • The inspector panel displays the properties for that column
  • User toggles the “Default Value” option
  • The user selects from a list of preset options


Formulas to use from our Formulas

  • Current date and time: “Current date & time” formula
  • Current date and time + duration: “Add Duration to Date” formula
  • A specific date and time: static default (not dynamic)
    • show date time picker