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2023-07-26 team meeting

List data type update

  • Allocated time: 15 minutes
  • Added by: Brent
  • Required participants:: Brent, Maria, people interested in list data type

Maria will present a report about the current state of list data types in Mathesar, and her work over the last couple months.

The report.

Product strategy update

  • Allocated time: 45 minutes
  • Added by: Kriti
  • Required participants:: Core team

Pre-meeting prep


  • This is an update on the work that Kriti and Ghislaine have been doing.
  • Nothing yet is “finished”. Want feedback and thoughts as project continues.
  • Kriti and Ghislaine have been approaching it separately.
    • Kriti: high-level product strategy and goals
    • Ghislaine: looking through all the data we’ve collected on what kinds of problems people use data tooling to solve. Figuring out trends so that we can get to personas.
  • We had a persona for our launch last year. We’re seeking five personas to define right now
  • We’re not seeking decisions today. Not seeking synchronous discussion. Just presentation, discussion can be async.

Presentation from Ghislaine

  • We’ve been looking through public comments that we’ve noticed from Syften
  • We’re documenting specific “use cases”, with a bunch of detail about each one
  • Data extracted from these use cases is being stored in Mathesar in the User Research schema
  • Also looking at industry blogs and job postings
  • All this data will form the basis of the user personas that we’re defining
  • Ghislaine will provide more info to us later (via a wiki page) about how we can collaboratively add data to her set of “use cases” data
  • Pavish: how do we prioritize use cases?
    • we’ll use the strategy to help with prioritization (Kriti’s work)
  • Brent: concerned that the categorization scheme might be too ridgid and might steer us towards assumptions based on the scheme. Need to be careful to avoid confirmation bias
    • Kriti: Ghislaine pulled the categories from the use cases, not the other way around. We’ll also have a process for inputting new use cases and re-evaluating the categories.

Presentation from Kriti

  • document
  • We’ll try to have some discussion about this async
  • We’ll continue seeking some decisions on the niche at next week’s meeting