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2023-07-06 team meeting

Project finalization

List of projects from last time:

  • Kriti & Ghislaine: Strategy / user research
    • Kriti will write up the project
    • Everyone will help
    • More calls with fewer people at once
  • Rajat: Internationalization
    • Update the project timeline (on the wiki page) to go till the end of the cycle.
    • Sean frontend review
    • Mukesh backend review
  • Brent and Anish: RSQLA1
    • Update the project timeline (on the wiki page) to go till the end of the cycle.
    • Dom: backend reviewer
  • Mukesh: Simplifying installs
    • Need to have a meeting to talk about solutions to issues identified in previous meetings
      • today; two hours from start of current meeting.
      • Goal should be to scope and define project for this cycle
      • Sean is setting up the event
    • Mukesh will write up the project after the meeting
    • Might need a front end helper (Pavish?)
    • Might need a front end reviewer (Rajat?)
    • Brent will do back end review
  • Pavish: Shareable links
    • Write up the project for the cycle (implementation)
    • Dom: backend reviewer
    • Sean: frontend reviewer
  • Sean & Dom: Improvements for 0.1.3
    • There’s an ongoing thread for working on priority of issues
    • TODO: Sean, Dom, and Kriti need to prioritize the issues
    • Front end reviewers will rotate
    • Mukesh will do backend review
  • Maria & Brent: Wrapping up back end of lists (so far)
    • Helper: Ghislaine
    • No front end needed

We should do an updated round of project writeups specific to this cycle and close out the old ones.


  • Write up projects by next meeting (Thursday)
  • If anyone needs help, talk to Kriti

Ongoing responsibility finalization

Kriti will own:

  • Team management
  • Marketing (overall)

We need to designate:

  • Release owner: Rajat

Consider rotating:

  • Repo admin
  • Installation help
    • Now User help
    • Kriti will take ownership
  • User feedback tracking
  • Marketing responses
  • GSoC

Not rotating anything except installation help (see below)

Should we have a responsibility for:

  • Helping users who ask for help?
  • Renaming installation help to user help
  • Need a standard process for dealing with users, whether it’s info@ or install request form or Matrix/GitHub requests
  • Owner should coordinate the team and establish a process
  • Each user should probably be assigned to the person who first talked to them
  • Kriti will own this

Standup (or reporting in general)

Standup isn’t really working - let’s talk about alternatives.

Goals are visibility for:

  • Other team members
    • Project owners should make weekly updates to developer mailing list (Fridays; start next week!)
      • One thread per project
      • No standard format (Kriti sounds skeptical)
  • Project owners
    • Keep track of things in your project, put it in the update
  • Release manager
    • Pay special attention to the project updates.
  • Team manager
    • Need to be able to get reports
    • Sean suggests moving to HackMD
    • Sean and Dom like the todo list aspect of standups.
    • Kriti brought up idea of doing work logs in wiki.
    • Kriti will set up a section of the wiki for personal logs.
  • Sign of life
    • We want to develop a culture of saying ‘good morning’ in Internal channel

Action item wrap-up

  • Write up your projects by next meeting.
  • Work logs in wiki (most recent on top)
  • Weekly updates on Fridays from project owners
  • Say hello in the internal channel.