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Formulas Research

Name: Formulas Research Status: Done (see the report)


Role Assignee
Owner Sean


  • Our roadmap includes Support for calculated columns in tables
  • Dhruvi produced a preliminary UX design last year to consider how we might add support for formulas within the Data Explorer.
  • We lack a documented understanding of the ways in which our competitors are using formulas.
  • We lack a documented understanding of the Postgres features (and their limitations) that we might utilize to implement formulas.


  1. Research competing products and produce a report which provides detail on their usage of formulas.
  2. Experiment with Postgres generated columns to identify potential roadblocks we might encounter if we utilize this feature to build calculated columns. Incorporate findings into report.
  3. Also research and report on the viability of any other promising approaches discovered during competitive research.






  • This project should take 1 week.
  • Start date is TBD.