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  • The Mathesar team’s work is chunked into fixed-length projects to keep it organized.
  • The Mathesar maintainers work in 4-week “cycles”, and each project is designed to fit into that timeline. The community team’s project lengths vary. - Projects always have an end date. Work without an end date is tracked under ongoing responsibilities.
  • Each project has one and only owner, and various helpers. Helpers are assigned specific responsibilities.


  • Anyone willing to do the work can propose a project. Please use the project template.
  • Projects are discussed and approved by the Mathesar maintainers (either in meetings or via email). - The project manager facilitates these discussions.
  • Project prioritization will be based on our product strategy (currently in development).

Active projects

2023 Cycle 2 (v0.1.4)

Owner Project Status
Brent Investigating compatibility with pre-existing databases In Progress
Ghislaine Niche Research In Progress
Mukesh Installation Improvement 0.1.4 In Progress

Sean, Dom, and Rajat are going to be working on ad-hoc tasks and helping with projects as needed. That work is tracked on GitHub in the 0.1.4 milestone on GitHub.

2023 summer interships & work programs

Owner Project Status
Anshuman Support importing Excel and JSON files project idea In progress
Aritra Add more summarization functions project idea In progress
Varsha API documentation project idea In progress

Future project ideas

Some future project ideas are tracked at

Here are some other project ideas that have been written up, but need to be reviewed before we move forward with them.

Owner Project Status
Brent RSQLA2: Move DML Operations to SQL Functions Draft
Brent RSQLA3: Remove SQLAlchemy from DQL operations Draft
Brent RSQLA4: Remove SQLAlchemy from codebase Draft

Project template

Use this template when creating a new project page, filling in data as needed. You can add or remove attributes if necessary.