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Mathesar Community

Welcome to the Mathesar community! We’d love to have you involved in our project, as a contributor, a user or both! Please join our community forums and talk to us there.

If you’re interesting in contributing, see Contributing.

Community Channels

The Mathesar team does most of our work in public communication channels, which also serve as the place we interact with our community. We also sometimes attend events.

Channel Purpose
GitHub Code, issue tracking, and asynchronous discussions
Mailing Lists Email lists for users and developers
Matrix Primary real-time chat
Discord Alternate chat (limited rooms)

Google Summer of Code

See GSoC for information about Mathesar’s participation in GSoC.

Future Plans

Some ideas we’re considering in the future to grow the community:

  • Setting up events, such as office hours, pair programming sessions, or even livestreaming our work.
  • An end-user focused Matrix channel
  • A way for users to vote on Roadmap items.

Let us know if you have more ideas!