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Project Idea Template

GSoC 2024 will not have Mathesar

Mathesar will not be participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 due to lack of maintainer capacity. We hope to resume participation in 2025.

This guide was for GSoC 2023.


Please use this template while adding new project ideas to Project Ideas.


  • Difficulty: Low/Medium/High
  • Skills needed: List of technologies or other skills needed
  • Length: Medium (~175 hours) / Long (~350 hours)

The Problem

Describe the problem that the project is expected to solve.

Feature Description

How this feature will work.

UX Design Problems

Describe the UX design problems we need to solve as part of implementing this feature.

Remove this section if there’s no UX design needed. Or replace with another section e.g. Architectural Problems if the problems are best described using another label.


A list of tasks that the intern is expected to complete as part of their work. Be specific about research, code, etc.

Expected Outcome

Describe the expected outcome of the project.

Application Tips

Tips for writing a successful proposal to complete this project. This could include what specific questions to answer or what details could help the application stand out.

Out of Scope

Describe any tasks that are out of scope.


A list of links to documentation/code/wiki pages, etc. relevant to the project idea.


Primary Mentor: Person Secondary Mentor(s): List of people