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Mentee Guide

GSoC 2024 will not have Mathesar

Mathesar will not be participating in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2024 due to lack of maintainer capacity. We hope to resume participation in 2025.

This guide was for GSoC 2023.

This guide is for accepted mentees. If you are an applicant, read our Applicant Guide.


Program acceptance announcements have been made and you’ve been selected! Congratulations! Here’s what we expect you to do before the program period officially starts:

  • Continue to refine your project plan and timeline with your mentors.
  • Define communication channels and set up a weekly check-in with your mentor.
  • Set up your computer and development environment.
  • Read through our Team Guide and familiarize yourself with our workflow and development process.
  • Introduce yourself to the maintainers.

Program Period

Once the program starts, here’s what we expect of you:

  • Work 30-40 hours per week (or agree on a different plan with your mentor ahead of time).
  • Push code to GitHub frequently. Commit early and often.
  • Be available on Matrix whenever you are working.
  • Attend your weekly check-in with your mentor and any other meetings.
  • Be proactive about asking for help, especially when you’re stuck.
  • Ensure that you’re on track to delivering your project at the end of the work period. If you’re not on track, talk with your mentor to come up with a new plan for the project well before the deadline.
  • Let your mentor and the organization admins know when you are going to be unavailable. If something sudden comes up, let us know.