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Dom’s work log


  • Create and prioritize issue for writing tests for db creation/update/removal via API
  • Discovered that there are no tests for this when trying to reproduce #3230
  • Associated code is messy, fix it up as well
  • Make sure #3230 (db reflection bug) is not reproducible anymore
  • See #3245 (db bug fixes) reviewed and merged
  • Open some good first issues
  • Got a few ideas
  • Do #2844 (api for bulk upserting of records)
  • on pause; >75% done, but seems low priority
    • frontend aspect can’t fit into 0.1.4


  • Consider automating finding 404 in our wiki
  • Do #3076 (automate deploying internal mathesar)
  • Process selected TODO comments into issues #2181
  • Consider adding a make-like tool to main repo for common tasks


  • Sync with Brent
  • Troubleshoot CI failing for #3245
  • Found the (seemingly) last bug that kept tests from passing in CI
  • Attempt to reproduce #3230 (db reflection bug) with #3245 merged
  • Can’t, but I found the bug elusive to reproduce before
  • Asked Rajat to try as well


  • Troubleshoot CI failing for #3245
  • Found one of the problems, but ran into another


  • Troubleshoot CI failing for #3245
  • Discuss using Zulip


  • Present GSoC proposal phase notes to team
  • Finish preparing GSoC proposal phase note page in wiki
  • Respond in Sean’s product vision follow-up email thread


  • Troubleshoot CI failing for #3245
  • Respond in UX question about DB connections email thread
  • Process notes from GSoC summit on proposal phase into a document


  • Traveling from Sunnyvale to Dominican Republic


  • Submit PR related to #3230 (db reflection bug)


  • Traveling to Sunnyvale for GSoC summit


  • Traveling to Sunnyvale for GSoC summit


  • Traveling to Sunnyvale for GSoC summit


  • Read GSoC summit updates
  • Respond in CRM intro email thread


  • Respond in cycle 0.1.4 retrospective email thread
  • Worked on #3230
  • Continued working through the connection leak
    • Significant progress, but there’s still a major leak somewhere
    • Can’t yet merge


  • Worked on #3230
  • Changes to reflection caused the connection leak bug to creep up again
    • Have to fix that in order to merge


  • Conversation in frontend channel
  • Team sync


Had a very hard time being productive, effectively took most of day off.

  • Sync with Sean


  • Started working on #3230 (db reflection bug)
  • Respond in #3223 (Rajat’s db connection pr)
  • Review #3201 and merge
  • Review #3200


  • Respond in rsqla1 retrospective
  • Sync with Brent
  • Respond in ux design process for importing excel/json email thread
  • See Anshumna’s final evaluation performed


Away on sick leave.


Away on sick leave.


Away on sick leave.


  • Last sync with Anshuman


  • Do Supabase integration tests #3141


  • Submited draft PR for Paste API
  • Fix GSoC summit travel arrangements, broken due to a cancellation


Feeling burnt out, trying to get work in, but starting late and energy levels are low.

  • Respond to Anshuman in group chat

Ended up working mostly on my dev setup and other minimally-productive things that were easy to focus on.


  • Respond to Anish in Matrix
  • Respond in GSoC group chat


  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Sync with Anish


  • See #3186 reviewed and merged
  • Sync with Brent
  • Sync with Sean


2023-09-16 (Saturday)

Resumed work.


Spent the day getting a VPS and setting it up for work; ended up being more work than I expected; important part of my configs didn’t survive the death of my previous dev box; but, by the end of the day I have a working development environment.

Decided that I’ll make this Saturday (09-16) a workday to make up for some of the lost time.


Had technical difficulties with my development machine today: I bricked my motherboard during a component upgrade; was not able to work; spent the day troubleshooting my hardware and concluded that I cannot repair it within a practical timeframe: will look for alternatives;


  • Make requested changes in #3186 (support for column comments in backend)


Had technical difficulties with the internet today, cut workday short.

  • Respond in rsqla1 retrospective email thread
  • hard deadline is Sept 15th
  • but I said I’ll do it Sept 12th (Tuesday)
    • so we can do more rounds of conversation
  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Did final RSVP for GSoC summit


  • Sync with Brent
  • Post Monday’s weekly project update
  • Review #3200 (contributor’s pr)


I’ve been taking a long time to get into our SQL code; the learning curve is somewhat steep, I find. I do feel like I’m making good progress though.

  • Review and merge #3195 (anshuman’s pr)
  • Finish making requested changes to #3186 (support for column comments in backend)
  • Sync with Brent


  • Make most of requested changes to #3186 (support for column comments in backend)
  • Respond in #3195 (anshuman’s pr)


  • Start #2844 (api for bulk upserting of records)
  • Team sync
  • Catch up on emails
  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Review #3195 (anshuman’s pr)


Unavailable due to family reasons


Largely unavailable due to family trouble

  • Setup a bi-weekly sync with Sean until the end of cycle
  • Cancelled sync with Anshuman
  • Started drafting a developer guide for working with our Postgres library


  • Sync with Brent
  • Review and merge #3155 (anshuman’s pr)
  • Add support for column comments in backend in #3186


  • Spent all day debugging support for column comments


  • See #3140 (test third party table with long identifiers) reviewed and merged
  • See #3129 (fix db list in demo) reviewed and merged
  • Respond in release email thread


  • Review and merge #3156 (brent’s test bug workaround pr)
  • Respond in installation email thread
  • Respond in appetite email thread


  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Respond in stale bot issue thread
  • Respond in niche research thread
  • Respond in should we install on user db email thread


  • Start work on backend fixes
  • Respond in installation email thread
  • Respond in xy problem email thread


  • Published worklog
  • Prepare for team meeting
  • Respond in criteria for closing user issues email thread
  • Update backend fixes project with outcome
  • Read the newly posted and newly updated project documents
  • Respond in investigate interop with preexisting dbs email thread
  • Respond in appetite email thread
  • Respond in release email thread


  • Make reservations for the GSoC mentor summit
  • Catch up on email
  • Respond in release email thread
  • Respond in xy problem email thread
  • Respond in package version management email thread
  • Respond in should we install on user db email thread
  • Respond in summarizations for json email thread


  • Make progress in cleaning up a backend issues created during last few months
  • Prioritize tasks for backend fixes of next cycle #3144
  • Figure out when and who will do Supabase research #3144
  • Sync with Sean on prioritization of issues


  • Respond in should we install on user db email thread
  • Respond in todo list for cooldown email thread


Home life interfered, had to push most of today’s work to Monday.

  • Create issue #3141 (investigate supabase integration)


  • Sync with Sean and Kriti over backlog prioritization
  • Respond in Criteria for closing user-reported tickets email thread
  • Team sync
  • Submit PR with test case for long identifiers in preexisting database #3140


  • Review #3133 (pavish’s pr)
  • Review #3127 (pavish’s pr)
  • Attend weekly meeting
  • Prepare for weekly meeting
  • Reread last Wednesday’s weekly meeting notes
  • Sync with Brent


  • Report #3135 (column endpoint is slow when columns are many)
  • Review #3050 (sean’s column inference pr)
  • Sync with Anshuman
  • See #3083 (anshuman’s excel tests pr) reviewed
  • Respond in backend fixes weekly update email thread


  • Post weekly project update
  • Got a database dump from Sean to see if I can reproduce
  • Sync with Sean about imports and weird HTTP/reflection problems he’s facing
  • Push changes to #3113 to fix connection leak
  • Organize keeping more detailed meeting notes for Anshuman’s project
  • Push changes to #3113 to make it clearer
  • Sync with Pavish over #3113


  • Prepare/organize Friday’s core team event
  • Finish #3129 (fix db list in demo mode)
  • Fix demo instructions to include python setup_demo_template_db
  • Update #3128 with meeting notes
  • Review #3113 (pavish’s pr)
  • Sync with Brent over #3128 (allow whitelisted dynamic defaults)
  • Notify developer email list of breaking changes in dev db container


  • Review #3113 (pavish’s pr)
  • Pushed draft pr #3129 (fix db list in demo mode)
  • Review and merge #3059 (anshuman’s pr)
  • Create and update #3128 (allow whitelisted dynamic defaults)
  • Respond in the release email thread
  • Respond in Varsha’s API endpoint email thread


  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Review #3059 (anshuman’s pr)
  • Read conversation about fdws in backend channel
  • Read conversation with plan2 in general channel


  • Review #3107 (brent’s PR)
  • Made part of reservations for the GSoC summit


  • Sync with Mukesh
  • Notify of my break this week starting one day later than planned (and ending as planned)


  • Sync with Brent over #3097 (brent’s pr)
  • Respond in #3078 (dynamic defaults via function lists)
  • Update #3095 (improve support for unknown types) based on Brent’s comment
  • Prepare for team meeting
  • Do Anshuman’s midterm evaluation
  • Finish reviewing #3097 (brent’s pr)


  • Review around half of #3097 (brent’s pr)
  • Review #3092 (pavish’s backend pr)
  • Created #3095 (improve support for unknown types)
  • Update #3007 (support for point type)
  • Update #2959 (support for citext type)
  • Close as fixed #2709 (unknown types breaking Mathesar bug report)
  • See #3040 (rudimentary support for unknown types) reviewed and merged
  • Respond in #3040
  • See #3025 reviewed and merged
  • Respond in Varsha’s API endpoint uid email thread


  • Do Friday’s project update
  • Respond in #3083 (anshuman’s excel tests pr)
  • Review #3059 (anshuman’s excel import pr)
  • Respond in #2751 (update readme with troubleshooting instructions)
  • See #3029 merged
  • Read projects’ friday updates
  • Respond in Varsha’s API endpoint uid email thread


  • On sick leave


Feeling under the weather, having trouble focusing

  • Create #3078 (dynamic defaults via function lists)


  • Read weekly meeting agenda
  • Review #3029 (gunicorn user instructions PR)
  • Report adding unique constraint failing on point types #3067
  • Report being able to sort by unsortable types #3066
  • Respond in #3040


  • Do #3024 (support for unknown types) in #3040
  • Add email thread links to backend fixes project wiki page
  • Respond in #3050 (make column type inference optional)


  • Worked on #3024 all day
  • Review #3042
  • Make sure GSoC’s tax form is filled out


  • Offload #3039 (Anshuman’s max_level PR) to Anish
  • Post friday’s backend fixes project update
  • Handover a frontend bandaid-workaround for #2995 (fix big csv imports timing out) to Sean
  • He said he’ll create an issue for it
  • He also said he’ll start a conversation about UX work for a more wholesome solution to #2995
  • Sync with Sean about #2995 (fix big csv imports timing out)
  • Start conversation with Sam and Kriti about the GSoC tax form whose deadline is tomorrow
  • Put all backend fixes project tickets in 0.1.3 milestone
  • Respond in 2023-07 installation improvements project email thread
  • Review projects


  • Seek advice on matrix backend channel about #3024 (support for unknown types)
  • Message link
  • Ask Sean to take up #2346, which is a mostly-frontend fix for #2995 (fix big csv imports timing out)
  • Review and merge #3008
  • Tidied up comments in #2346


  • Update backend fixes project
  • Update backend fixes project to say that #3024 is an alternative approach to #2959 and #3007
  • Investigate #3024 (graceful handling of unsupported types)
  • Reproduce #2709 (unknown types breaking Mathesar bug report)
  • Respond in querydown email thread
  • Respond in #3024 (graceful handling of unsupported types)
  • Respond in #2161
  • Update backend fixes project
  • Respond in backend fixes email thread
  • Respond in #2995 (type inference timeout bug report)
  • Make sure Aritra’s midterm evaluation is submitted in time


  • Sync with Anshuman
  • Do #2245 (multi-column unique and pk constraints) in #3025
  • Make metaticket for backend fixes project #3022
  • Start work on backend fixes
  • Review and merge #3016


  • Triage #3009
  • Review #3008
  • Respond to Anshuman’s DM
  • Finish backend fixes project’s timeline
  • Review #3016
  • Try doing querydown in lispy syntax for discussion with Sean


  • Write up backend fixes project
  • Review and merge #2993 (remove lazydict)
  • Split reviewing Anshuman’s PRs with Anish
  • Open #3007
  • Respond in backend+frontend fixes email thread


  • Filter unassigned+backend+frontend issues to what we might do
  • Review and merge #2968
  • Troubleshoot a bug with Anshuman
  • Review and merge #2977
  • Review, make changes and merge #2992