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2023-02-17 launch check in

Upcoming meetings

  • Monday’s launch check in is moved to Tuesday because of US holiday
  • Next week’s community team event is moved one week since we have a lot to do before launch. It’s now on March 3.

General check in

Users & Permissions

  • PRs open for items assigned to both Rajat and Sean.
  • Pavish should have PRs ready by Monday.
  • QA: Anish is working on the document. We could start it on Tuesday.

Installation & Deployment

  • Docs and install script are done. Kriti will take a look at it after it’s merged.
  • We’ll get feedback from people from Upwork once ready.
    • Kriti has interviewed and selected a bunch of people to test the installation process.
  • Next steps: implement installation with connecting existing DBs, and setting up domains
    • Kriti will make sure issues exist for these
    • Update existing Deployment Type 2 issue

Live demo

  • Analytics PR is merged.
  • Mukesh is trying to figure out how to integrate it with the FE.
  • Next steps: Kriti will deploy and test it.


  • There’s a PR to update CTAs, to inform about the sass version, docs integration etc.,
  • Most blockers are complete.


  • Need to add HTTPS redirect
  • Improvements waiting to be merged

Usability improvements

  • All remaining issues are assigned.


  • Sean: Coming along well. No additional help is needed at the moment.
  • There’s a bit of work on the FE since the logic is shifted to FE.
  • There should be a PR on Monday.
  • Inorder to test, there should be atleast two releases published to GH.


  • Brent is assigned to resetting migrations and creating first release
  • ETA early next week


  • Kriti is coming up with plans for publicity.
    • HN, email posts, social media posts etc.,
  • We’ll discuss about how to distribute comments on thread between team members next week.

Priorities per person


  • QA plan for users & permissions
  • Usability issues


  • Keep an eye on deployment/documentation feedback
  • Double-check that we can deploy (type 1) on GCP, with domain, https etc. work
  • Reset migrations
  • Publish 2 test releases (comms with Sean)
  • Update script/docs to handle deployment type 2


  • Upgrade support for Sean
  • Load testing live demo


  • Website & design


  • A number of things related to usability testing, website, publicity, sponsorship etc.,


  • Analytics
  • Help Brent with installation
  • Talk to Kriti if further work needed


  • Users & Permissions issues


  • Users & Permissions review
  • Usability issues


  • Upgrades
  • Live demo

Version number format

  • Added by: Sean
  • Summary: I need to know the format we’re using for the version number. With our recent decesion to push more upgrade logic to the front end, the front end needs to parse the version number to determine whether the latest version is an upgrade.


  • Kriti did some research on versioning, let’s use SemVer
  • First testing release 0.0.1, second testing release: 0.0.2
  • First actual alpha release: 0.1.0

Adding Analytic Events to the frontend

  • Added by: Mukesh
  • Attendees: Mukesh, Sean, Pavish, Kriti (partial)
  • Summary: Need input from frontend team to decide on architecture to implement custom events for demo server.


  • Decided against implementing analytics in the backend because frontend has a lot of events that are not visible to backend.
  • Analytics events are better captured on the frontend, as we have a better context of the user actions and can also capture events that don’t make any backend API calls.
  • Kriti: if this is going to be very complicated to implement, we can skip it for launch.
  • Pavish suggested using global function which would be called any time we want to track a custom event.
  • This global function would send the events to our analytic platform only during the demo build and will be empty for other build types. Sean agrees with the suggested approach
  • Mukesh needs to figure out a way to avoid typescript complaining about the missing global function.
  • It is better to use a wrapper function called sendAnalytics and call any analytics related code within that function, so that any logic related to analytics is encapsulated properly.