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Phone Number data type


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Skills needed: Python, SQL, JavaScript
  • Skills that could be helpful: Django, SQLAlchemy, Svelte, TypeScript
  • Length: Medium (~175 hours) or Long (~350 hours) depending on your experience

The Problem

  • The Mathesar UI allows users to configure the column types for their data, choosing between types like “Number”, “Date”, “Text”, and so on. All data entered into the column is then validated against the rules according to the type. So for example, in a Number column, Mathesar will allow input of 2 but will reject input of hello.
  • We would to provide “Phone Number” as an available type, but Mathesar does not support this functionality.

Feature Description

  • We should have a custom Postgres data type for “Phone Number”. Please refer to our email & URL implementations.
  • Users should be able to set a column’s data type to “Phone Number”.
  • Data with the “Phone Number” data type set should be automatically formatted in a pretty way where possible.
    • e.g. 10-digit US/Canada phone numbers should be formatted as (XXX) XXX-XXXX
  • Phone numbers that cannot be automatically formatted should be formatted as text

Architectural Problems

We need to figure out:

  • how to structure the Postgres type.
  • the logic for identifying columns with phone number data when data is imported.
  • how to format phone numbers in the frontend.


  1. Implement the Phone Number database type
  2. Integrate the Phone Number data type with our data type inference logic.
  3. Integrate the Phone Number data type with our existing APIs.
  4. Research available phone number formatting libraries and present your findings to the Mathesar front end team for consideration. Then select the 3rd party library, in collaboration with the front end team.
  5. Implement phone number formatting in the frontend.

Expected Outcome

  • Users can set columns to the Phone Number data type.
  • Phone numbers should be correctly formatted in table cells, explorations, default value inputs, filter inputs, and record selector inputs.

Application Tips

  • Demonstrate proficiency with the required skills.
  • Present some preliminary research into phone number formatting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how Mathesar data types are implemented in the backend and APIs.

Out of Scope

We shouldn’t implement any custom logic for validating phone numbers since phone numbers can be quite complex.



Primary Mentor: Mukesh Secondary Mentor(s): Rajat