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User feedback tracking

Owner: Kriti
Call Assistance Helpers: Pavish, Kriti, Brent, Ghislaine

All Team Members

All team members are encouraged to actively participate in the feedback process, regardless of their assigned roles. This includes flagging or sharing user feedback that they come across during their interactions with Mathesar’s users or while monitoring various channels.


The owner of the User Feedback responsibility is responsible for the following tasks:

  • Monitor the “” email, and follow up with users as needed.
  • Document and organize user feedback from all channels, making it easily accessible on the User Feedback HackMD page.
  • Categorize collected feedback using appropriate tags and attributes.
  • Create surveys and call scripts for the various stages of the feedback process:
    • Feedback Follow-Up: Reach out to users that have provided feedback to learn more about their experiences and needs.
    • Discovery: Gather information about existing or potential users’ needs and goals, and understand the problem space.
    • Onboarding: Identify opportunities for improvement in the onboarding experience, particularly for new users.
    • Satisfaction: Understand how users feel about Mathesar and their overall experience, particularly for long-term users.
  • Create email templates for the various stages of the feedback process:
    • Call Invitation: Invite users to participate in a feedback call.
    • Survey Invitation: Invite users to participate in a survey.
  • Send out emails, surveys, and call invitations to users.
  • Schedule and conduct feedback calls with users.
  • Manage and maintain additional channels for user feedback, such as roadmaps, user guides, and blogs.

Call Assistance Helpers

During feedback calls, helpers can play an active role in supporting the conversation by taking detailed notes, asking follow-up questions, and providing input from various perspectives, such as technical or user experience.

Identifying Feedback

What counts as feedback

  • User experiences: Feedback describing Mathesar’s usability, performance, or overall satisfaction.
  • Feature requests: Suggestions for new features or improvements addressing specific user needs.
  • Pain points: Issues or challenges faced by users while using Mathesar.
  • Competitor comparisons: Instances where users compare Mathesar to other tools or solutions.
  • Misconceptions or confusion: Indications of user misunderstandings about Mathesar’s functionality, purpose, or usage.

What doesn’t count as feedback

  • Technical support: Questions or issues resolved through troubleshooting, bug fixes, or guidance on using Mathesar.
  • Non-constructive criticism: Vague or unfounded complaints without context or specific details (e.g., “There are already many tools like this,” “I don’t like it”)