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2023-12-20 staff meeting

Release 0.1.4 checkin

DB connections

  • Sean thinks it’s going well.
  • Brent thinks it’s going well on the backend. Dealing with some error handling stuff.


  • New docker setup has some issues with the unified docker image. Brent & Anish are working on it. PR open, should be ready once its merged.
  • There’s a large open PR for documenation and a number of open issues in the milestone. Brent wants to get the docs PR ready before checking the individual issues.
    • Anish is working on the Docs.
    • Docs for upgrades and env-variables are still pending.

Current open items

This is before we can get to the testing and release process.

  • DB connections
    • Backend PR needs to be merged
    • Frontend PR needs to be merged
    • Backend review work
  • Docker Compose
    • Merge PR
  • Documentation
    • Finish upgrade and environment variables docs
    • Global review of docs
  • Fix migrations
  • i18n bugs
    • How to spot: snakecase variable names in UI
  • Milestone:
    • We’ll review in January
  • Bug assigned to Varsha - Anish is taking over if it’s not done by January

We’re getting there!

For contractors outside of the U.S., we’re setting this up for payment and invoicing - Anish should send a personal email to Adam - Currently in progress

Basecamp workflow

  • Closing Basecamp Setup project
  • Ensure everyone is familiar with current projects
    • Should we merge any projects?
    • Are we missing any projects?
  • Shared expectations for:
    • assigning tasks
      • People seem to be okay with this, getting notifications
      • When asking multiple people to do the same thing, try to make one task per person for easier tracking if they each need to complete the task separately
      • assign multiple people to the same task when either could check it off and it would be totally done.
    • how often to check Basecamp
      • once per day(ish)
    • how to communicate via Basecamp
      • Kriti likes to comment on things as appropriate.
    • setting due dates
      • People should set their own due dates, except if there’s an external constraint.
  • We’ll continue to iterate on how we use Basecamp in the future


  • Maybe we want to try for integrating GitHub tasks into Basecamp
  • You can “stack” projects by dragging them onto each other
  • Kriti has projects organized into “Ongoing” and “Time-limited”
  • Release projects
    • Brent thinks they should be multiple projects
    • Kriti likes being able to see progress on how far we are from being able to release
    • Sean worries that we won’t see code-related tasks in the release tracking
    • Kriti had a good idea about multiple ToDo lists for a given project to organize sub lists
    • Brent worries that we will have a hard time organizing non-todo-list pieces within larger projects
    • Sean thinks the release project should track actual “release process” work, rather than release content.
  • Sean hasn’t really liked Basecamp so far
    • Negatively affecting productivity
    • Points out we could try using Mathesar for this
    • Will troubleshoot some problems with Basecamp with Kriti later
  • Talk about the product backlog process next year
  • TODO clean up installation improvement (split into 0.1.4 specific, move rest into backlog project)
  • TODO clean up hill charts and needles

Product strategy discussion

Should we have one this week? No.

An email to ponder over the break would be helpful. Kriti will work on this.