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GSoC 2022: JSON data type

Author: Jinxiao Li


Jinxiao originally sent this project report to the developer mailing list, see here

Hey all, 

I am Jinxiao Li, a lucky Mathesar contributor at Google Summer of Code 2022. During this three-month coding period, I am delighted to work with @Brent Moran and @Pavish Kumar Ramani Gopal to implement Mathesar database functions for JSON data types. I am very grateful for the support of every team member and the enjoyable time I spent on this project.

The works are listed below at the Github links and you can also have a look at the project description here. We implemented two main custom types for this goal: Mathesar JSON array and Mathesar JSON object. Most of the functions are settled down while a few are in progress but can be completed very soon. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.

JSON type reading and casting implementation

JSON type sorting implementation

JSON type filtering implementation

Other issue fixes

Jinxiao Li