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2023-02-21 launch check in

General check in

Users & Permissions

  • There’s a open PR with rest of pending items
  • If we want to change UX as per Kriti’s comments, won’t take long
    • pending confirmation
    • let’s go ahead with UX changes
  • Hopefully merged today or tomorrow
  • Docs for this are currently assigned to Kriti;
  • Don’t include unconfirmed tables issue #2520
    • There’s a PR – pending review;
    • nice-to-have

Installation & Deployment

  • SSL wasn’t working, but it’s fixed
    • PR is in, not quite working, but it’ll be sorted by tomorrow
    • Mukesh’s approach is better
    • that will make deployment work on a server with a domain
  • next priority: deployment type 2
    • connect existing database
    • not very difficult
  • will be used for testing deployment types
  • static files not loading issue was breaking Docker image, that’s fixed
    • master builds Docker image that functions
  • Usability testing: seems to be going well.
    • We can work on this after deployment type 2
  • Deployment type 3:
    • Mostly should work, needs either documentation on environment variables, or convenience scripts to wrap commands in proper environment (e.g., read from .env file)

Live demo

  • Load testing has multiple issues
  • When initializing multiple users at once, demo server doesn’t return requests
  • Front end issues are further out in the queue


  • 404 page PR is submitted
  • Integrating documentation is happening today


  • Integrating into website
  • Documenting type 2 and 3 deployments
  • Update (issue #2495)
  • Ghislaine working on styling
    • could integrate feedback from usability testers

Usability improvements

  • PRs are in for all blocking issues
  • People should be reviewing today or tomorrow


  • Sean opened a PR over the weekend.
  • The releases exist, but
    • We should delete them
    • Merge the upgrades frontend PR #2514,
      • Change POST request to GET
    • Make some new releases,
    • Make sure it works through manual QA.


  • Migrations are reset
  • Create and publish first release


  • The HN post is in the works

Priorities per person


  • Reviewing #2520
  • Community work
  • QA for Users and Permissions


  • Testing deployment type 1 with SSL
  • Deployment type 2
  • Propose release process
  • Implement deployment usability testing fixes as needed
  • Website bio double-check


  • Rewrite upgrade endpoint from GET to POST in caddyfile
  • Demo bottleneck hunting


  • Style Wiki and Documentation
  • Update bios on website
  • Alternative design for CTA
  • Table rename prompt design


  • Keep people unblocked
  • Plan for QA and docs
  • Write README, HN post, etc.


  • Get the analytics PR #2513 merged into the frontend codebase
  • Start working on Deployment Type 3 work
  • Log more analytic events


  • Review and merge upgrades PR
  • Get users & permissions PR merged - fix review comments if any
  • Review other launch PRs
  • Avoid merging / worrying about PRs not involved with launch


  • General usability testing
  • Docs for users and permissions
  • QA for users and permissions


  1. PR review for Pavish/Rajat
  2. Live demo usability improvements

Testing Docker images, Github Releases

Summary: Follow up on Brent’s email, decide on next steps

  • Process proposed in email seems very bureaucratic
  • Big picture: We need to know our master branch produce deployments that function.
  • How often do we need to test that works?
  • Should we test on every PR?
    • Setting up CI for this would be tricky
  • Should we test before every release?
    • If we identify problems, it could take some time to diagnose and fix if the problem was introduced a long time before.
  • Brent is interested in a using a separate Docker repo (not a separate GitHub repo). We might need separate images for separate deployment types
  • Kriti: I don’t think manually testing every day before release is a priority. And I don’t think setting up automated testing is a priority right now either.
  • Main thing we need to discuss right now: What’s the process for cutting a release?
  • Do we really need a separate Docker repo to test the releaes?
    • We could use a separate tag in the same Docker repo.
    • We have the non-pro version of Docker. It’s not great for managing tags.
  • Brent: We should make it so that takes a tag name as an argument. Then the docs instructions would tell users to run with a tag name that we manually set into the docs content.
  • Dom: we’ll need to consider how the upgrade process works with Watchtower, may not work unless we use a consistent tag for latest version (rather than version number based tags).
  • Lots of complexity to consider, can’t resolve now.
  • Next step: Brent will write a wiki page proposing a step-by-step process for how to cut a release.
    • We’ll discuss once that’s ready