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2023-02-13 launch check-in

General check-in

Users & Permissions

  • Pavish: looking pretty good, PRs are awaiting review
  • Rajat: Working on Table Inspector permissions – hasn’t started, has been reviewing designs
  • Access control waiting for PR 2443 to be merged (blocking other work)
    • Other permissions issues shouldn’t be started until 2443 is merged
  • Rajat should prioritize PR review

Deployment and Installation

  • Brent: Working through, reviewing PR #2444, relevant to documentation
  • Moved some tickets from ‘blockers’ to ‘nice to have’
  • There’s a PR for compressing static assets

Load testing live demo

  • Dom’s getting started with that.


  • Sean’s getting started
  • Final say on user flow will live in #277

Product Usability testing

  • Done for now
  • People were having real trouble renaming a table, wanted to put a table name in when creating from scratch.
    • Had trouble changing the table name later.
  • Ghislaine will create an issue for setting table name when creating a table
  • Will be launch nice to have


  • Waiting on docs and demo video to be done for integrating
  • Some issues with OpenGraph tags
  • Some issues reported by Google search console
    • Just for, not for demo (or staging)
  • Got great feedback on current version of website
  • We should probably update website copy to mention SaaS version coming soon +
  • Add social proof section of website
    • Testimonials
    • Feedback quotes
    • Try to do this in a tasteful way
    • Suggested by multiple people
  • Usability note:
    • How to get back to the site from the demo?
    • Maybe even for general installations of the app.


  • Nice to put some on live demo website
  • Mukesh will work on this after Kriti creates an issue

Error logging and reporting

  • Might be useful for tracking down bugs, etc.
  • Only useful for demo at the moment, need to think about self-hosted

Users & Permissions QA

  • Anish will document what needs to be tested
  • Kriti will provide feedback

Launch milestone updates

  • Kriti will make some issues for new things mentioned above
  • We’ll kick out extra users & permissions and deployment types from launch nice-to-haves

Schema Sharing Modal Design

Attendees: Pavish, Kriti, Rajat

  • The schema sharing modal design doesn’t show people with DB access, should we show it?
  • Yes, it should be similar to how “Admin” is shown, but it should be “DB Manager”, “DB Editor”, “DB Viewer”
  • Users cannot edit DB roles.
  • Users can add schema roles for people who already have DB roles. This will just show as “Editor”, “Manager”, “Viewer”.
  • Pavish may improvise some help text.
  • In general it’s fine to improvise design work on this feature.