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User help

Owner: Kriti Helpers: Brent, Pavish, Sean

Maintenance tasks

  • Ensure that someone from the core team responds to user communication promptly and follows up with action items as needed.
    • Channels:
      • GitHub Issues
      • GitHub discussions
      • Matrix (the Users & General channels are most likely to receive messages)
      • Email from hello [at] mathesar [dot] org (in Freshdesk)
      • Installation request forms (in Freshdesk)
  • Ensure that someone is responsible for following up promptly for all user communications
  • Flags user feedback to the owner of the user feedback responsibility.


  • User help is the highest priority
  • Treat users like gold
  • Do work ourselves so that they don’t have to do work (e.g. spend time reproducing their setup, etc.)

Higher-level tasks

  • Find additional users for Mathesar proactively and help them
  • Figure out how to improve communication with users (both quantity and quality)