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2022-10-12 weekly meeting

Attendees: entire core team

Go over spreadsheet

  • We went over the Cycle 5 progress spreadsheet (only accessible to core team) that tracks the work we need to do for the live demo.
  • The goal was to finalize task assignments and priorities


  • Owners of each item don’t necessarily do all the work, they are responsible for making sure the work gets done and following up with any helpers
  • No need to add helpers to frontend items, PR reviewers can be assigned adhoc.
  • Bugs or styling - what should be done first? We’ll decide this on a case by case basis.
    • Table Inspector styling and critical bugs should be done close to each other.
  • Table inspector bugs - there should be a call set up between Rajat and Pavish to check the edge cases and plan the work. Cell selection work needs to be done by Rajat, Pavish can help with some other things.
  • Data explore work needs to be planned out further. There will be a meeting right after this call. Attendees: Dom/Kriti/Pavish/Brent/Ghislaine.
  • Table page styling - assigned to Rajat for now. But we will re-assess next week based on people’s workloads.
  • Pavish can help Rajat with the DB page bug assigned to him.

Figure out plan for usability testing

When to do it and how to do it?

  • We shouldn’t do another round of usability testing until styling work is complete. Styling work is addressing concerns brought up in the first round so more testing will be redundant.
  • Should we have a deadline e.g. Nov 1 where we then start usability testing?
    • Seems a bit all-or-nothing, we can start usability testing as things get done
  • Kriti will coordinate weekly usability testing sessions based on what’s done each week
    • Will assign specific testers (half the team each week)