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2022-10-26 weekly meeting

Cycle 5 progress check-in

Participants: Entire core team (Kriti was out)

How are we feeling about progress?

  • Rajat feels good / safe
  • Dom feels okay; subject to meeting
  • Sean feels mostly okay
    • worried about prioritization
  • Lots of DE work generated by styling / UX
  • Backend no new bugs, only fixing please

Data Explorer styling - backend work needed

Summary: This meeting is to quickly go through the Data Explorer styling updates in the figma file and come up with backend work needed. Figma link:

Participants: Pavish, Dominykas, Brent, Ghislaine

  • Auto guess and include grouped and aggregated columns in query run response when grouped by a single column. We could use an additional property to determine if guessing is required.
  • New transformation to hide columns.
  • Description for explorations.
  • Make display_name a separate query property.
  • Don’t allow deleting last base_table column.
  • Ability to skip invalid transformations (eg., filters with a column which is no longer present) and provide information regarding them in response. (UX discussion needed).
  • Question: Is sort transform present? Yes.
  • Info: Based on new design, grouping by multiple columns is now allowed. All of the columns should be present as either a grouped or an aggregated column.
  • Filters on Array?
  • (Anything else we find during the meeting)
  • Auto-aggregation: Continued in next agenda item.

Data Explorer - auto-aggregation & behavior of summarization over auto-aggregated columns

Summary: This meeting is to determine the behavior of summarization over an auto-aggregated column. Kriti had some thoughts over it during the styling meetings, and we’d be discussing over it.

Participants: Pavish, Dominykas, Brent, Ghislaine

  • Base table column would always be present, so a column with multiple values are auto-aggregated. No additional configuration from user.
  • User is allowed to group or aggregate over such auto-aggregated columns.
  • Book is base_table. Author columns are auto-aggregated while adding. Book.Name | Book.Publication_Year | Author.Name (auto-aggregated) ----------|-----------------------|------------------------------- Book1 | 2020 | A, B, C Book2 | 2021 | A, B Book3 | 2020 | A, B, C Book4 | 2020 | A Book1 | 2022 | A, B, D Book5 | 2022 | A, B Group by Author.Name, aggregate other columns by list: Author.Name | Book.Name | Book.Publication_Year ------------|----------------|----------------------- A, B, C | Book1, Book3 | 2020 (Is a single value instead of two, Union of 2020, 2020) A, B | Book2, Book5 | 2021, 2022 A | Book4 | 2020 A, B, D | Book1 | 2022 Group by Book.Name, aggregate other columns by list: Book.Name | Book.Publication_Year | Author.Name ----------|-----------------------|------------------------------- Book1 | 2020, 2022 | A, B, C, D (Union of A, B, C and A, B, D) Book2 | 2021 | A, B Book3 | 2020 | A, B, C Book4 | 2020 | A