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Cycle 5 progress check-in

Participants: Core team, Kriti out

  • Brent:
  • worried about live demo
  • worried about bugs

  • Mukesh:

  • worried about not much (except bugs)
  • moving into Users and Permissions

  • Rajat:

  • Constraints modal (styling)
    • not likely done by Dday, need to prioritize
  • Navigation (styling)

    • not likely done by DDay, need to prioritize
  • Pavish:

  • Pretty terrified
    • DE increasing scope, but confident we’ll be able to make it before 22nd
  • May not have time to put into data import page
    • depends on the design
  • Not going to be able to help with column types or table page

  • Sean:

  • Hard to tell;
  • Design implementations remaining
  • Would help for prioritization to have more designs ready

  • General discussion

  • Deprioritizing table linking modal UX
  • Moved constraints modal down

UX & Implementation details for auto-aggregation

Participants: Pavish, Dominykas, Brent, Ghislaine, Mukesh

  • We realized summarization suggestions are a prerequisite
  • Finalized some expectations around the summarization suggestions
  • backend will always assume “partial” (and any non-specified columns will be automatically assigned to either “group_by” or “aggregation” sets)
  • new required field: ‘base_grouping_column’ that the suggestion algo needs to make above assignments
  • This allows adding more initial columns after the fact, and assigning them appropriately.
  • For now, no multiple summarization (we realized that even including auto-agg, multiple summarizations would be rarely needed (2A above)
  • Still working through some implementation details of auto-aggregation setup.