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2022-11-09 weekly meeting

Cycle 5 progress check-in

  • Required participants: Entire core team


  • Reining in linked table dialog
  • Working on record summary UI
  • Will work on styling after


  • Working on DE summarization suggestions
  • Was worried because spec kept changing, but now pretty confident
  • DE work will probably take rest of cycle, might have a little time at the end


  • DE will take rest of cycle
  • Not sure if can get to Data Import page or Table Page help this cycle
    • We can talk about Sean / Rajat taking it on if it’s higher priority


  • No concerns
  • Things that could slow me down – iterating over previous designs that should be finalized
  • Linked table design needs to be finalized
  • Ghislaine can help with consistency issues in the codebase
    • e.g. fix “red everywhere” problem directly in the codebase
    • Pavish has fixed this in his PR via updating state of the button
  • Website work coming up


  • Not in a good state, lots of half-done things
  • Table inspector urgent priority issue - PR created
  • Will be in a better state by the end of the week
    • Schema page - prioritize this, there are other dependencies on this
      • Icon work is not necessary because of Pavish’s work in a different PR
    • Table Inspector
    • half of table page


  • On hold on bug squashing unless something really urgent pops up
  • In live demo mode
  • Kriti & Mukesh provided feedback on current PR, needed to re-org PR
    • Some Ansible changes are necessary
  • We will deploy live demo work on staging
    • Everyone will have their own copy of the data set
    • Data is tied to your session cookie
  • Nothing changes on local development, unless you change the environment variables
  • Should we do a different server instead of staging?
    • We want the core team to try and find bugs, so staging seems best
    • We can still access current databases with direct URLs, so we won’t lose access to data
    • We can set up a separate team instance for our use
  • Will display options and record summary templates be preserved? Can we load them?
    • Haven’t tested this.
    • Will spend some time adding some scripting to set up record summary and display options
      • Shouldn’t be impossible
  • Will need to test live demo PR with database roles permissions PR
    • Merge live demo first
  • Front end work needed for live demo:
    • Explain that installation is happening during login
    • Banner for live demo


  • Progress steady with users and permissions
    • Aiming to finish backend work before end of the cycle
  • Then work on deployment related tasks
    • installation file idempotency
    • backup
  • Concerns about metadata:
    • Should be request based, not global
    • In Brent’s queue
  • Can we move live demo to a separate server later?
    • We may not want to auto-deploy to live demo server
    • Yes, that’s the plan


  • Working with lawyer on user agreement
  • Working with demo video team - process starts tomorrow
  • Speccing out deployment tasks in more detail
  • Working with Ghislaine on the website starting next week
  • De-prioritizing team usability testing until after live demo, we’ll make it a goal for the first release
    • We have too much to do before then