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2024-01-31 Staff Meeting

Post-release work planning

From last meeting:

From Basecamp:

Questions to answer:

  • How do we handle docs updates after a release? Some options:
    • (A) Allow master to become out of sync with the docker images
    • (B) Publish new docker images without changing the version number
    • (C) Publish our docs from a separate git branch within the main repo
    • (D) Publish our docs from a separate repo
    • (E) Cut a new release when we make docs update
  • Where do we publish the CHANGELOG? How do we want it to be formatted?
  • What work do we need to do?
  • Should we do a 0.1.5 or just update docs on master?
  • Timing / deadline?
  • Who is doing what?


  • We’d like to do releases once per month but we have more work to do to make the testing process more efficient.
  • We should try to release again at the end of February
    • Bug fixes
    • Figure out issue with Demo
    • i18n code work
    • Japanese translations
  • We want to make docs changes ahead of time, not wait for 0.1.5
  • Bug: Mathesar 0.1.4 cannot run in demo mode
    • We’ll fix this and then deploy the demo site off of the develop branch
    • You need to set the demo flag in the environment variables. Then Mathesar will not run.
    • Brent will make a GitHub issue and assign it to Anish.
    • Anish will work on this ASAP
  • Bug: New connection creation flow does not handle schema creation failure scenarios
    • Anish will work on this
  • Bug: Attempting to add connection with both Library Management and Movie Collection schema results in a 502
    • Anish will work on this
  • We need to make a release announcement
    • Kriti will work on this
    • write copy
    • publish
  • Sean and Brent will coordinate details about the CHANGELOG
  • How do we handle docs updates after a release? Some options:
    • Definitely don’t want to new publish Docker images
    • Limit to: A, C, D
    • We’ll go with with (A) Allow master to become out of sync with the docker images
  • i18n schedule
    • Pavish is worried about not being able to finish the i18n changes by then end of February
    • We won’t block the release on the i18n work. We can still release with some small bug fixes even if i18n isn’t done.
  • Planning work that we need to do soon:
    • users and permissions is blocking backend performance and architecture work
      • Kriti: users and permissions should take priority over i18n
  • Deployment work & teardown
    • Brent (already tracked in basecamp)
  • Brent: add basecamp task for tracking infrastructure and costs
  • Sean: close milestone

Structuring future meetings

How to structure our meetings for strategy, design, product, other processes


Meetings, purposes, timing

  • “Big picture” product meetings for big new features
  • Product approval meetings for tickets
  • Design / UX sessions for small features
  • Strategy meetings
  • Architecture meetings
  • Beta planning meeting


  • Goals for February
    • we should focus on 0.1.5
    • no features, just bug fixes.
    • solidify plans for users and permissions
    • decide on architectural plans for backend performance improvements
    • have strategy discussions — e.g. how we want to grow our user base, whether we want to pursue a SaaS offering
  • Permissions and worksheets
    • Hard to sepearate these into independent discussions
    • Pavish: want to prioritize making decisions on permissions first because we need that for the beta but we don’t need worksheets for the beta
    • Kriti: yes, but we don’t want to have to re-do permissions a third time. We need to take the worksheets discussion into account as well
  • Structure of meetings
    • architecture discussions will happen via email
    • Ticket approval - 1 per month
    • product meetings (where we discuss large features, requirements, etc)
      • should happen every week
      • Adam will attend these as well
    • product strategy
      • Will happen during weekly team meetings
    • beta planning
      • Will happen during weekly team meetings
    • UX sessions
      • Kriti: maybe we don’t need to do as many of these meetings
      • AdHoc meetings as needed.
    • team meetings
      • Kriti: let’s keep this on the calendar every week but actually use the time for discussions like product strategy, beta planning, etc.
  • Brent: we need to get better about testing in order to increase our release cadence
    • need to figure out the “build static files” issue
    • need to improve our CI testing matrix to test more Python versions
    • Kriti: we’ll have more time to talk about these in more detail in our beta planning