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2023 08 23 team meeting

Attendees: Core team, Anish

Funding update

Notes from this section are private. Core team members can access the notes in this HackMD document.

Projects approval check in

  • Postgres compatibility
    • Project already approved
    • very few changes, no ne
  • Niche research
    • More changes to push, but was waiting to understand the state of the wiki migration
    • Ghislaine will update the thread once changes are pushed
  • Installation improvements
    • first week will be cleaning up from 0.1.3
    • Removing some of the research work as per feedback
    • Should be enough time, with Anish’s help
    • We have a one-week buffer in the schedule
    • Mukesh will update the email thread once project changes are pushed

Project prioritization

  • Release 0.1.3
  • Installation improvements
  • Niche research
  • Postgres compatibility
  • Ad hoc

Discussion: - What about 0.1.4? - Not prioritizzed here since it will be done in the cooldown after the cycle - Everything we merge in during the cycle should be “release-ready” - We’ll cut the release with whatever is done - Brent: feature flags will help with release cadence - Mukesh: what about experimental features? - Docker image was possible to use, but needed more testing. Would be nice to publish as ‘experimental’ - Kriti will be out for 4 weeks starting next week (if possible) - Thus, we’ll provisionally extend the cycle by one week - Kriti’s vacation: 2023-08-28 - 2023-09-25 (Hopefully) - Cycle work period: 2023-08-21 - 2023-09-22 - Cycle cool down: 2023-09-25 - 2023-10-06 - Thus, 0.1.4 should release around 2023-10-05 - After the call, Kriti will add some calendar events to tell us which week of the cycle we’re in. - Sean: Would be nice to name the cycle something absolute rather than relative - For now, we can name them after the release - Official cycle name for this cycle: Cycle 0.1.4

Release 0.1.3 check in

  • Who can take this over from Rajat?
    • Brent will take this over
  • Also do we have anyone taking over repo admin?
    • Sean will take this over
  • It’s important to test the images
    • especially make sure login and import upload pages work
    • Pavish will help release owner know what to test
  • Issue:
  • Thread:
  • Double-check the superuser creation process for this release

Ongoing conversations check in

  • Should we install things on the user database
    • We’re going to go ahead with installing things on the target DB
    • Brent will update the thread with this conclusion
  • Dealing with XY problem with user feedback
    • First goal was to notify people that this is a problem
    • Currently, this is continuing as an open-ended discussion with people trading ideas
    • Kriti wants us to make sure that everyone understands the point of the thread, don’t assume.
  • Criteria for closing user reported tickets
    • Next step is to create a wiki page documenting some guidelines for communicating with users
    • Help address the XY problem
    • Initial wiki page will be sparse
    • Sean will notify team when wiki page is up so team can look it over and give feedback
  • Package version management
    • Pavish is working on that on the front end
    • Brent will update the email thread with conclusions so far, and prompt with unconcluded questions
    • Brent will start an email about supporting postgres/python versions
  • RSQLA1 retro
    • Brent would like to discuss this at a relatively slow cadence
  • Product level permissions discussion to account for related entities
    • Also can be discussed slowly
    • May be worth a dedicated research project

Not yet started - i18n retro - Rajat is unavailable, and we should probably wait to start it until all the work is merged - Installation 0.1.3 retro - Mukesh will start this soon