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Sharable Forms to Add Data to Tables

The Problem

Mathesar currently offers a spreadsheet-like interface for data entry into tables. One of Mathesar’s potential usecases is to allow data entry through surverys from a large group of individuals. Sharing the spreadsheet-like interface for such data entry is unfeasible and also comes with privacy and access-level implications.

A simpler solution is to share forms to the individuals. The creators/admins would have direct access to Mathesar’s interface, share a form view for the table, and everyone participating in the survey would only be seeing and entering data into that form. An entry through the form will reflect on the associated table(s) as a row.


  • Difficulty: Low
  • Primary skills needed: Frontend development knowledge
  • Secondary skills needed (or willing to learn): Requirement analysis, UX design, SQL, Python, Django
  • Length: Medium (~175 hours)


  • Research similar products and come up with product-level specs on the requirement.
  • Research and come up with the UX required for form construction for Mathesar admins, and the form displayed to end-users (participants).
  • Identify API requirements and create new endpoints or update existing ones as required.
  • Implement the frontend work essential for building, sharing and entering data into the form.

Expected Outcome

We should have an interface for table owners to construct and share forms. The fields on the form should map to table columns and owners should have the ability to omit, align, organize those fields. They should also be able to provide additional descriptions. Participants viewing the form should be able to enter and submit data using it, which should reflect on the table.

Application Tips

A good candidate should take the time needed to understand the requirements, research and suggest changes or improvements. They should be motivated in providing a good user experience. They will be working full-stack and would either know or be willing to learn the necessary technologies.


  • Primary Mentor: Pavish Kumar Ramani Gopal
  • Backup Mentor: Sean Colsen

See our Team Members page for Matrix and GitHub handles of mentors.