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2023-05-30 Front End Team meeting

At a high level, what should we focus on right now?

  • We should prioritize features
  • We shouldn’t take up any big refactoring right now because we lack a clear picture for the product work that we’d like to take up in the coming year. Once we get a clearer picture, we can consider taking up some of the refactoring becaus we’ll be better informed of our direction.

What we’re working on

  • Rajat: i18n, which should last a while. Filling in gaps with PR review and smaller work.
  • Pavish: vacation soon. Hoping to take up a new project upon returning from vacation. Hoping to decide on that project within the next week. Considering sharable forms and sharable tables/explorations.
  • Sean: Will need a new project in the next week or two. Not sure what it will be yet.

Front end performance project

  • Pavish was planning to work on this, but has decided to defer it in favor of feature-related work
  • Perf problems:
    • impact loading and scrolling
    • impact dev mode more the prod mode
    • are worse with lots of columns
  • Fixing the perf problems will require significant refactoring, and it would be nice to take that refactoring work up once we have a better idea of the other features we plan to build

Potential feature work

  • Explorations. Lots to improve here, but we need more user input for this.
  • Sean: charts/graphs
    • Pavish: We need to understand more about the product direction
    • Sean: chicken/egg problem
    • Rajat: also interested in this
  • file/image types

Potential refactoring to do later

  • Rajat: some work on sheet selection
    • clarify UX specs, adding more detail
    • refactor code to use better data structures which are less prone to bugs
    • Sean: agree. This has been our the most bug-prone area of our front end code
  • Pavish: Stores refactor.
    • It’s been hard for new contributors to make PRs that follow our patterns.
    • We’ll need to discuss this in depth
  • Pavish: Reduce requests by combining them via new endpoints

Other topics we should discuss soon

  • Sean: “Granular vs coarse reactivity”
    • We decided to schedule this topic for the next meeting
  • Rajat: Testing.
    • We’ll plan a separate meeting for this.
  • We also did a quick pass over the numerous other small agenda items and agreed that none of them are pressing enough to discuss soon.

Next meeting

  • Scheduled for 2023-06-30