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UI for Importing data into existing table


  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Skills needed: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Svelte
  • Skills that could be helpful: TypeScript, UX design
  • Length: Medium (~175 hours) or Long (~350 hours) depending on experience level

The Problem

  • Mathesar currently allows users to import data into a new table through the UI by uploading CSV/TSV files, remote links, or copy/paste.
  • However, there is no option to import data into an existing table.
  • The backend work and APIs have already been implemented.
  • The goal of this project is to implement the frontend.

Feature Description

  • Provide an option in the UI to import data into existing tables.
  • Allow users to upload valid CSV/TSV files to append data to an existing table.
  • Enable users to copy and paste data into existing tables.
  • Provide a column mapping option to map the columns from the uploaded data to match the table columns.

UX Design Problems

  • Where do we place the option to import data into existing tables?
  • Would this be part of the existing import flow, or a different flow on the table page, or both?
  • Should copy/paste have an additional flow compared to csv/tsv uploads?
  • Should we allow copy/pasting directly onto the table cell?
  • How would we allow the user to map columns from uploaded data to the table columns?
  • How would we represent errors?


  • Familiarize yourself with the current import flow and the backend APIs.
  • Come up with a UX design document outlining the step-by-step user actions.
  • Work closely with the frontend team and our product designer to finalize the UX design.
  • Write down architectural specifications and a task list based on the UX design. Create Github issues for them.
  • Implement the frontend work needed.

Expected Outcome

Users should be able to import data into existing tables as described in the “Feature Description” section.

Application Tips

  • Show proficiency in the required skills.
  • Provide a preliminary UX design document.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the Mathesar frontend codebase and required APIs.



Primary Mentor: Pavish Kumar Ramani Gopal Secondary Mentor(s): Anish Umale