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2023-03-21 Plan for 0.1.2

Attendees: Pavish, Kriti

Main focus of the release is to improve Installation and fix any critical user-reported bugs.

Performance issues should be moved to 0.1.3. Non-installation projects should also be targeted for 0.1.3.

Issues yet to be created/placed in milestone:

  • Check-in with Mukesh to create issues for items discussed during installation call

Must have (subject to discussion with Mukesh):

  • Being able to run docker image directly
  • Other deployment types already planned out
  • UI to simplify installation & connection to DB
  • Switch between multiple databases
  • Documentation related to installation

Must have or atleast do analysis:

  • People asking for Kubernetes installation options
    • Check if this is feasible for 0.1.2
    • Kubernetes manifests and helm charts
  • A fat docker image with Postgres?
    • Seemingly lower priority (based on the installation call) but needs more thought
  • All new user reported issues which are less work and high impact
    • We’ll add them to the milestone as users raise issues

Nice to have (yet to create issues):

  • Modify upgrade UI to only show it in environments where one-click-upgrade is possible
    • Show instructions for other environments
  • Upgrades without docker?
    • We need to start thinking on how this would work
    • Even if we don’t have a solution in 0.1.2, we need to start thinking about this

To remove:

  • Remove the frontend performance issue out of 0.1.2
    • This will take time and we already have considerable frontend work planned for 0.1.2 for the installation UI.
    • We’ll plan to take this up for 0.1.3

Also discussed,


  • ETA Thursday
  • Release notes will be reviewed today
  • Perhaps enabling reordering columns can be part of Sean’s usability improvements project?
    • Pavish will talk to Sean about it.