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Pavish’s work log

Working on:

  • I18n project - translating the app


  • Set up calls for Product “big picture” meetings
  • Clean up django migration scripts


  • Figure out E2E testing strategy and user flows
  • Test Cypress as a possible tool to use (Playwright is still my choice at the moment)
  • Come up with a docker setup for E2E tests
  • Come up with user flows

Daily logs

2023-12-06 Wednesday

2023-12-05 Tuesday

  • i18n work
  • Continued translating app
  • Ticket approval meeting

2023-12-04 Monday

2023-12-01 Friday

  • Continued i18n work
  • Design session call

2023-11-30 Thursday

2023-11-29 Wednesday

  • Continued work on DB connections UI
  • Call with Brent
  • Call with Kriti
  • Repo admin work

2023-11-28 Tuesday

2023-11-27 Monday

2023-11-24 Friday

  • Started working on DB connections UI
  • Repo admin work

2023-11-23 Thursday

  • Went through Connections PR, and fixed breaking frontend changes
  • Call with Ghislaine
  • Added Transifex integration config and more notes in the Django i18n PR

2023-11-22 Wednesday

2023-11-20 Monday & 2023-11-21 Tuesday

  • I was out sick

2023-11-17 Friday

2023-11-16 Thursday

  • Pondered a bit more on permissions and workspaces
  • Design sessions call

2023-11-15 Wednesday

2023-11-14 Tuesday

  • Prepared proposal for PGConf India 2024
  • Got it reviewed from Kriti
  • Submitted proposal
  • Spent some time thinking about permissions and workspaces

2023-11-13 Monday

2023-11-10 Friday

  • Thought more about processes around translation
  • Researched other open-source products using transifex
  • Community team event

2023-11-09 Thursday

  • Cleaned up en & jp svelte translation files, added some more translations
  • Linked GH repo in Transifex and point to the en & jp json files to test it out
  • Responded to review email for ‘Bidirectional Navigation Between Table and Explorations’
  • Call with Ghislaine

2023-11-08 Wednesday

  • Responded to Brent’s email on installations
  • Core team meeting
  • Call with Adam
  • Continued i18n work

2023-11-07 Tuesday

  • Continued i18n work
  • Decided to replace typesafe-i18n with a library that supports the ICU format
    • Raised a draft PR with svelte-i18n and added utilities to handle our existing customizations
    • Long call with Sean to see if he had any objections as he involved in the i18n project spec

2023-11-06 Monday

2023-11-03 Friday

  • I18n work
  • Continued figuring out approach to integrate with GH actions
  • Chat with Brent on separate dev Dockerfile
  • Chat on cleaning up backend migrations
  • 1-1 with Kriti

2023-11-02 Thursday

  • Reviewed UX for DB connections page, responded to Ghislaine’s email
  • Continued looking through pending i18n work
  • Started figuring out ways to make existing approach cleaner

2023-11-01 Wednesday

  • Core team meeting
  • User call retrospective meeting
  • Started looking at i18n work to assess what’s pending