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Repo administration

Owner: Sean
Helper: (nobody)

Responsibilities at a Glance

  • Receive the firehose of GitHub notifications and take action on items as necessary.
  • Triage new issues and PRs
  • Actively shepherd PRs toward closing to help prevent them from going stale
  • Troubleshoot GitHub actions and make improvements where necessary

Owner’s Tasks

Acting on GitHub notifications for issues and PRs

Make sure your notifications setting for all of the Mathesar repositories is set to All Activity.

Go through each of your notifications for the Mathesar repositories and follow the approach documented below:

  • If the notification is about the following, ignore it
    • Closing an issue
    • Merging/Closing a PR
    • Any activity on a draft PR, apart from making it ready for review.
  • For the rest of the notifications, if it’s about a PR
    • Assignee - Make sure it’s assigned to someone. You might want to check the recent conversation to validate the assignee.
    • Label - Make sure it has the correct status: label.
    • Milestone - Make sure it’s in the same milestone as the issue it fixes.
    • Description: Make sure it follows our PR template.
    • Personally follow up with the assignees if there hasn’t been any activity on it from the last 3-4 working days.
      • If it’s a core team member, you can reach out via Matrix.
      • If it’s a non-core team member, you can tag and ask for an update using the PR comments.
    • When a non-core team member does not reply for more than a week, check with the core team reviewer. If she is comfortable with moving the PR forward and merging it then assign the corresponding issue to her otherwise close the PR.
  • For the rest of the notifications, if it’s about an issue

    • Make sure to read the issue description and the recent conversation on it before moving to the next steps.
    • Make sure the issue is triaged properly as per our guide here
    • A mental model for labels:
      • “difficulty: easy” => “help wanted” & “good first issues”
      • “difficulty: medium” => “help wanted”
      • “difficulty: hard” => no extra labels
      • “difficulty: extra hard” => “restricted: maintainers”
    • Pay extra attention before marking an issue as ready. Do not mark issues as status: ready until they have enough details for someone to work on them.
    • Assignee:
      • Make sure to assign the issue if someone wants to claim it and the issue is not restricted to maintainers.
      • Make sure to un-assign the issue if there has been no activity from a community contributor from the last 1 week, as per our contributing guidelines
    • Notifications about the GitHub bot marking an issue stale: If the issue already exists, remove the stale label otherwise add a comment and close it as done.
  • If a comment or issue can be considered user feedback or helpful for marketing materials, please flag it to the owners of these responsibilities (user feedback, marketing) respectively.

Acting on notifications from GitHub Discussions

Flag discussion-related notifications to the marketing and user feedback teams for a response. This can be done by sending a notification to the Marketing channel and tagging the owner of user feedback and marketing responsibilities.

Assigning reviewers fairly

Depending if the PR is related to the backend or frontend, assign it to a core team member who has the least no of reviews already assigned.


Use the following script to list issues/PR that need triage.

You need to install github-cli to use the below script.

export GH_PAGER=cat
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar issue list --search "is:open no:milestone"
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar issue list --search 'is:open label:"status: triage"'
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar pr list --search "is:open no:assignee -is:draft"
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar pr list --search "is:open no:milestone -is:draft"

gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar-wiki issue list --search "is:open no:milestone"
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar-wiki issue list --search 'is:open label:"status: triage"'
gh -R mathesar-foundation/mathesar-wiki pr list --search "is:open no:assignee -is:draft"

Helper’s Tasks

  • Take action on GitHub notifications every Monday since that’s when we have one of the largest influx.
  • Fill in for the owner by doing the tasks mentioned above when he is out of the office.