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Raise additional funding for Mathesar

Name: Raise additional funding for Mathesar Status: Moved to ongoing responsibilities in July 2023.


Role Assignee Notes
Owner Kriti
Contributors Sean, Mukesh Perform any tasks delegated by Kriti - research, writing, review, etc.

This project doesn’t have an Approver because Kriti approves most projects.


Mathesar is currently grant funded. Our plan is to be financially self-sustainable through sponsorships and offering Mathesar-related services, but we need additional grant funding to sustain us until that point.


  • Determine budget and financial needs for Mathesar from 2023-2025.
  • Investigate and apply to potential grants.
  • Get advice from relevant people to help with strategy, pitch, and grant applications.
  • Follow ups and additional tasks as needed.

This is pretty high-level, since tasks will vary depending on the grant.


  • We have a limited runway, so timing is critical.


This project started in mid-March 2023. Since completion depends on third-parties, we don’t have a fixed timeline. This project will be updated when it’s completed.