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2024-01-24 Staff Meeting

Release check in

Issues list:

Docs work is ongoing, Brent and Sean have done work on it.

Not many regressions identified.

GitHub issues

Basecamp issues

  • Anish is now out
    • Assign his issues to Brent
  • It’s okay to make docs updates after the release
    • We don’t need to make a new Docker image
    • Choose between master / Docker image not being in sync or having to change Docker without version changes
    • We should currently be pushing docs changes whenever we want
      • We won’t push a new Docker image for docs changes for now
    • For the long term, we want to be making new patch releases if we update docs, but we’ll do this for the beta
  • QA testing (users)
    • Ghislaine went through library demo and task based testing
    • No new things found
    • Patrons data set is not in the Google Drive
      • Ghislaine had to make a new patrons data set
      • The data sets are in the data playground
    • It’s really slow especially after import etc.
      • is really slow because of external DB connection
    • Sean reached out to Adam, he’s probably not going to have time before the release
    • Anish is also assigned to test out the UI, he should be able to get to that next week
  • QA testing (installation)
    • Pavish says docs are incomplete, some TODO sections
      • connecting to external DBs
      • Brent will double check this
    • Pavish has some suggestions for docs, but wants to wait until docs are complete
      • Pavish will write them down in HackMD
    • We edit the YML file instead of environment variables, but should we mention that environment variables will override YAML config
      • Obvious to Docker users, but might be worth a one line mention, also say you can hardcode variables
      • Link to Docker Compose docs
    • Sean has been working on docs
    • Pavish will put this in a HackMD doc and will create a Basecamp todo to look at it, or will push changes directly to the doc
    • Pavish will finish testing external DB
    • Kriti hasn’t started testing yet
      • No changes planned for build from scratch, no need to wait for docs changed
    • Still waiting to test upgrades until docs are done
      • Need to do a new build
      • Wait until Docker Compose changes done, may also have bugs from user call today
  • Priorities (too much stuff assigned to Brent)
    • Upgrade docs first, so upgrades can be tested ASAP
    • MATHESAR_DATABASES thing - Pavish will do this
      • Need to be picked up if it’s an environment variable
      • Doesn’t need to exist in prod docker compose
      • Docker run command already doesn’t use it
        • Root out the default in the code and remove it
        • Hopefully tests won’t break since it’s also setup in tests
    • Pushing to mathesar-scripts is also deprioritized

Freshdesk workflow

Potential questions (written by Kriti)

  • Should we be using Freshdesk?
  • Do we need a ticketing system / shared email inbox at all?
  • Should Syften notifications be going to Freshdesk?


  • Nobody seems to be using Freshdesk
  • Brent:
    • I don’t like the UI. Hard to find tickets. Weird stuff about emailing.
    • It is useful to have a list of users we’ve contacted where we can see when they’ve replied.
      • Kriti: If we don’t have Freshdesk, we’ll need to have this somewhere else
    • marking a ticket as “closed” doesn’t really make sense in the context of the installation requests because we want to continue following up with them


  • Kriti will figure out a workflow with no new tools
    • Perhaps we can leverage Basecamp more for some of this workflow