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Mathesar is an open source web application providing an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface to PostgreSQL databases.


Mathesar is an application for managing structured data from an intuitive spreadsheet-like web interface.




Features such as foreign keys, data types, and schemas directly reflect the behavior of Postgres, allowing users of all skill levels to collaboratively work with the same normalized relational data that other applications might use too. You can model your data, alter its structure, quickly enter data, and even generate reports. Self-hosting Mathesar gives you control, ownership, and privacy of your data.


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Our mission is to build a tool that lets people of all skill levels use data to solve complex problems.



As a non-profit project, Mathesar relies on philanthropic grants and individual donations to fund development. A small core team of paid engineers guide the direction of project and maintain its underlying architecture. Leveraging open source principles, the core team also amplifies its work by facilitating a broader community of volunteer contributors to help build the product.

Your sponsorship funds the core team, furthering the impact and sustainability of Mathesar.